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So let me list what I have so far, what my idea is (it's just a beat down deck), what cards I want to add and what problems I have run into so far:
* Means I want to add one more of this card
-- Means I am just keeping it as a place holder until I get better cards or I'm not sure of its synergy

My This Probably Doesn't Work Deck:
2 Blessings of might
2 Blessing of wisdom
2 Hand of Protection
1 Abusive Sergant *
1 Holy light --
2 Argent Protector
2 Master Swordsmith --
2 Shattered Sun Cleric
2 Thrallmar Farseer
2 Wolfrider
2 Truesilver Champion --
2 Hammer of Wrath
2 Chillwind Yetti --
2 Sen'jin Shieldmasta
1 Blessed Champion *
1 Silver Hand Knight --
1 Argent Commander *
1 Reckless Rocketeer --

The Strategy
Basic "beatdown" deck, where I whittle my opponent down and take my opponent out in 2 key turns. I want to have a taunt out in the board already by turn 4, so in turn 5 I want my Thrallman Farseer out with Argent Protector (or a hand of protection) on Thrallmar, this will cost either 4 or 5 mana. Turn 6 I bring out my beef up cards. In an ideal world I'd have 2 blessings of might, 1 blessing of wisdom and abusive sergant, giving my Thrallmar 10 attack and I can pop him for 20, get 2 card draws.

In a more practical world I will probably have just one blessing of might and maybe a shattered sun cleric. One time I got lucky, I get out a taunter, thrallmar with divine shield turn 6, and on turn 7 I play abusive sergant, blessing of might and blessed champion, giving me a sexy 14 attack on thrallman, popped opponent for 28 damage =).

The rest of the deck is structured to either delay until I have the key cards, or to slowly whittle down the opponent to around 20.

The Problems that I know of
The BIGGEST problem is board clear and kill cards. I don't have any in this deck (probably because I don't own them). Throw in some big taunters from the opponent and I'm kind of boned.

Second issue that I ran into is delaying and defending until I have the cards that I want. This deck doesn't really play good "defense" unfortunately.

Third problem is charge. This deck would work very well and much faster if I had more cards like argent commander. Thrallmar tends to be top priority the second I bring him out so often, despite throwing a shield on him and having a taunt, he still dies. Argent commander and other cards with charge is much easier to get out, buff immediately and smack.

What I would like help with
1. How do I streamline this deck?
2. Which cards I can add to clear the board and deal with threatening creatures from the opponent?
3. How do I find ways to stay alive?
4. Just general critique of this deck!
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Well for board clear, you should run at least 2 consecration, paladin's only aoe damage spell. In combination with Equality, you can wipe a field easily. These two should go hand in hand. Equality is 100 dust each, whereas consecration is free upon leveling up.

Holy Light is iffy, it just heals 6 health. In my opinion, I would rather run Guardian of Kings since it almost does the same thing but it poses a large threat on board as well, forcing your opponent to use a card to destroy it.

For defending, perhaps add 2 more taunt units like 3 mana grizzly bear or the 5 mana booty bodyguard to help you stay alive and protect some of your charge units.

For charging, I find Stormwind Knight a viable option. It's a 2/5 charge at the cost of 4. With blessing of wisdom or kings, it can hit for pretty hard. It's also very sturdy with 5 health. Although Argent Commander is arguably better, but this one is only 4 mana cost.
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Im running a newbie Paladin deck as well, has a high win rate so far, and decent synergy, maybe you can get a few ideas. or maybe someone else can provide me with a couple! its doing very well currently.

Light's Justice
Abusive Sergeant
Equality (would love to run 2)
Holy Light
Argent Protector (ran Hand of Protection til I crafted)
Faerie Dragon x 2 (great opener vs mage)
Wild Pyromancer
Sword of Justice
Aldor Peacekeeper x 2
Big Game Hunter
Harvest Golem x 2
Wolf Rider x 2
Truesilver x 2
Concecration x 2
Hammer of Wrath x 2
Defender of Argus
Sen'jin Shieldmasta
Darkscale Healer
Argent Commander
Lord of the arena (sunwalker could be good too)
Guardian of Kings x 2

Wild Pyro, Equlaity, Conc, Big Game, Peacekeepers all help with clearing and taking down larger creatures, weapons help clean up and bulk up units as required, Wild Pyro and Equality is a great combo, just be aware it effects your own units too. Darkscale is great for healing up damaged units after a big board clean.

lots of healing, lots of charging, lots of clearing, plenty of room for improvement
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Here are some cards I think are crap and should be replaced:
Holy Light
Lord of the Arena
Thrallmar Farseer
Master Swordsmith
Reckless Rocketeer
Blessing of Might
Master Swordsmith

Constructed is all about tempo. You can't run cards that take a long time to ramp up. You have to control the board and control it fast. Good decks will trade and remove and clear the board.

Let me show you an example budget Paladin deck that I would run: (no rares, no epics);31:2;42:2;60:2;74:2;191:2;213:2;260:2;293:2;350:2;386:2;434:2;435:2;473:2;513:2;

Just play stuff that has more value and is less situational. I would absolutely find room for SSC and Novice Engineer especially, those two cards are amazing separately and together.

You can't build a deck around Thrallmar Farseer. (well, you might be able to, but you need a lot better tricks, it only has 3 toughness meaning you can't use it to trade, and trading OP).
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