Why does every deck shared on here suck?

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I've spent countless hours reading this forum looking for good decks to play. Every single one posted gets criticized to hell by supposed pro players.

How about you guys post your decks?
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because human is selfishthey don't share good thing
they share bad deck to you so they earn gold when play against you
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But the paladin forum is the only place on here where u cant get a decent deck. switching to mage.
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that's because there are no decks atm that aren't 'flawed' in some way.
watch streams of high ranked palys and none of the tournament winning players got to top rank yet. in theory every deck should be flawed.
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If you look through my decks I just posted on hearthpwn. I posted all the decks I currently run into at rank 1/2. I didn't create the decks most are the cookie cutter builds with maybe a tweak or 2 I threw in.


Can find the rest of my decks from there.

I've been on top 50, 3 times. I should be on the new list tomorrow as well. If you don't have the legendaries. Play a warlock. The new zerg lock doesn't use any legendaries with the exception of Sylvannas.
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2 costs: Holy light x2, Faerie Dragon x2, Ironbeak owl x2, Loot hoarder

3 costs: Acolyte of Pain, Scarlet Crusader x2, Shattered Sun Cleric x2

4 costs: Truesilver champion x2, Consecrate x2, Chillwind Yeti x2, Dark Iron Dwarf x2.

5 costs: Abomination x2, Frostwolf Warlord x2.

6 costs: Avenging Wrath, Argent Commander x2,

7 costs: Stormwind Champion,

8 costs: Lay on Hands, Tirion Fordring.

It destroys the mage, and is good against many types of decks. I would get another Lay on Hands if I had it and switch it with a Holy Light, but for now Holy Light will do. Also dont have Equality which would be good for clears with the abom or put in a Pyromancer instead. But most importantly it really feels like a pala deck with the heals, and is for sure a lot of fun to play. just my 2 cents.

Edit: I am always open for suggestions and to play with some practice partners if anybody is interested. semi casual/competitive :)
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