Good Paladin deck against mages

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So tired of playing with my mage and rogue
I made some quick Paladin deck and it actually worked dam good against mages
Fought today against 4 mages and won all 4 games
2 of them even used 2 iceblocks but didn't help them much
The healing is actually awesome that you can pull off and more oftten they have to waste there fireballs on my minions which leaves them with 2 pyros if they are lucky and thats easy to heal trough.

Here is the link

Feel free to correct me or voice your opinion what card should be removed and what new card added.
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It's a good deck just too expensive man not all people can afford it. But I get the point, u need a heavy !@# late game
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i think if you want to really destroy mages having faerie dragons is nice especially in a starting hand
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12/15/2013 11:13 AMPosted by Humpalumps
i think if you want to really destroy mages having faerie dragons is nice especially in a starting hand

Good point too
I am sure the deck can be fixed a little more
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No silence or Peacekeeper to handle Giants or Priest Wombo Light Wells, etc. can be a pain.

Lack of quality two drops will be punishing against aggro because you have no ways to trade and against control because you will have no way to put any pressure on.

Since it looks like you are playing for late game, maybe try and make room for another copy of Equality/Avenging Wrath.

Also Kodo+Humility/Peacekeeper works great for mid-range and aggro control.

Over-all it looks like you are trying to go for control but have a lot of random aggro cards(Cult Master, Leper Gnomes) and just seems unfocused.

Good luck!
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The deck seems pretty solid, but I don't entirely agree with some of the card choices. The Paladin secrets always seem unreliable and too cost-inefficient to be using. You also have no good 2-drops other than the Argent Protector, which can really hurt your tempo in the early game.

The changes I would make are:

-1 Leper Gnome (No synergy with late game)
-1 Noble Sacrifice (Rarely cost-effective esp. vs. Mages)
-1 Redemption (Good with Divine shield but I feel this is more aggro-oriented)
-1 Repentance (Unreliable and isn't cost-effective enough)
-1 Blood Knight (Hurts yourself, not the best synergy)
-1 Cult Master (Just a style choice of mine, I don't like this card outside of arena for several different reasons, but it basically is another way of removing big creatures without losing a ton of value)

+1 Equality (More board wipes, also synergy with Wild Pyromancer)
+1 Faerie Dragon (Helps vs Mages, Rogues, Shamans, Priests, Warlocks, Hunters, and Druids)
+2 Wild Pyromancer (Equality + Pyro = 4 mana board wipe)
+1 Harvest Golem (Value without sacrificing tempo)
+1 Avenging Wrath (Really good removal, esp vs. divine shield)

These are just suggestions, and they may not be the best. I do think that the changes will make it a better deck versus both aggro decks and Mage decks.
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