Holy Wrath needs to be changed

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Ok, so for all that aren't familiar with Holy Wrath, it does the following:

"Draw a card and deal damage equal to its cost."

Please note, that this is not capped at X damage. Last game I was playing against paladin and he draws this card around turn 8. He flips Molten Giant, deals 20 damage, instantly wins.

I don't know if there are still people who believe that there is a tactical component to this game, but if I ever did, I lost faith after this. It's like going all-in in a poker game without looking at your hand only to find a royal flush.

My suggestion: Cap the damage to 6 or 8, that would still make the card worthwhile. In its current state, it can win a lost game, no questions asked, and I feel that in any game this option should not exist.

Your thoughts?
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Working as intended, and if the damage were to have a cap to top it off, it might as well have a minimal amount of damage it does. After all, people used it on me in Arena just to draw wisp and do absolutely nothing.
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The odds of flipping a giant are so damn slim.
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Agreed. But just the fact that they exist make this card a candidate for removal. It's kinda like having a "you win" card, you just don't draw it every game. I am currently not aware of any other card that can instantly do 20 damage.
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if you have mercs or wraiths you can do even more i assume
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I don't even consider it a playable card and you're saying it's op? Hahaha. no pro ever is going to be using this card, it's way too unreliable. Until there's a way of controlling what's on top of your deck, this card sucks.
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anybody else laugh when you read "molten giant". That's priceless...

But yeah...the odds of that combo happening are way too slim to be concerned about. Funny tho.
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Have you ever read the flavor text of Holy Wrath? :P
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Cap it at 10 like the mana cost actually is for 99% of the cards.
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With how low the chances of it doing that much dmg is I don't really see an issue with it. If anyone want to build a deck around that mechanic, go ahead and enjoy your 1% win rate.
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Yeah, I just lost to this ridiculousness. I started the turn at 22 health, took 5 damage from the only thing on the board, and then 20 damage from what musta been a molten giant. Pretty ridiculous.
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It's a good mechanic for messing around but is by no means reliable.
If they use it, they've used 50%-100% of their turn to cast it, and if it doesn't pull what they're looking for then you should fly ahead - besides, the chances of it happening are so slim.
If you play it on turn 5 you have about 5% chance of it working, possibly even less as you might have drawn 1 giant already.
It's a fun RNG mechanic and the fact you're getting annoyed by it is ridiculous. It's so rare that it happens it's not even worth complaining about.
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C'mon Molten Giant!
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Holy Wrath should choose a target after u see a drew card.
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I kinda want a !@#$-around deck based on the disgustingly slim chances that someone could pull off a 20-point Holy Wrath. It might only win like, 1/15 games, but man, I bet every time it did, someone would make a rage post on the forums about a completely irrelevant class card and I'd get to laugh my butt off as I pointed at them.
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Apparently very few people in this thread have actually *READ* the flavor text on Holy Wrath...
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I've played around 40-50 games using Holy Wrath, highest I've ever drew off of it was an 8. For !@#$s and giggles I crafted a giant to see if I could cheese a win off by playing that. Never happened. While it is likely it can, its incredibly rare.
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Are losses in a card game really such an affront to people that they can't even handle a fluke one where their opponent got insanely lucky? It's a card game for crying out loud. Take your loss and shuffle & deal already.
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I agree this card needs to change. Not because its OP though. I did get hit 20 and lost a game to it once. But thats quite rare. As a paladin i find this card, too random to be reliable. Unless paladin meta shifts to direct damage, which i dont see happening anytime soon, this card is useless.
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It is random. The only way to make it work is to use goblin that makes your card cost 3 more and/or another card (cant remember name) that makes your cards 2 more. In this case you will deal at least 4 damage (possibly more if you have 5-7 mana cards). But anyway for me it is fine.
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