Holy Wrath needs to be changed

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12/19/2013 05:43 PMPosted by CSRadical
Cap it at 10 like the mana cost actually is for 99% of the cards.

I'd like to take a guaranteed 10 damage card over a 1-20 damage biased towards 2 card.
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Valen and a copied pyroblast does 20
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If your intellectually challenged enough to have this card in your deck at any decent rank then you obviously need the luck to draw a molten giant to win.

/End thread
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Holy Wrath is bad and anyone who uses it should feel bad.

You just won't see it in good Pally decks.
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12/17/2013 04:18 AMPosted by Sleep
Working as intended, and if the damage were to have a cap to top it off, it might as well have a minimal amount of damage it does. After all, people used it on me in Arena just to draw wisp and do absolutely nothing.

Anyone who picks wisp in arena deserves to lose and deal 0 damage with their removal.
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This might be a concern if Paladins actually picked holy wrath, and people actually half of their deck at around 10-20 mana minions.
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I agree the card needs to be changed, but the damage needs to be doubled, not capped.

As it is it's stunningly useless.
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I agree with OP. Needs to be changed... "Draw a card and damage equal to its cost to all enemies"
No limits. No caps. 20 damage board clear. And more 10+ mana cards, pls.
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Disclaimer, I play Paladin almost exclusively, and I've used this on people for 20 face dmg. However, the observations on it need to be balanced with realistic numerical assessment.

Holy Wrath is fine. It's not a "good" card due to extreme RNG dependency, but this doesn't make it OP. If someone chooses to carry it and gets very lucky with a MG draw for 20, that is an RNG event that can't possibly be relied upon to give a victory. When it does happen, yes, it's actually one of the most satisfying rare events in a Paladin's life! However, the benefit here is largely outweighed by the cost. 5 mana for no minion, no health, no real progress other than the face dmg and a card draw, means if the damage happens to be low, you're out of luck. You took a risk and it didn't pan out like you'd hoped. Like any other RNG dependency, you only carry it if you're willing to accept the risk. Even in constructed, there are legitimate reasons to carry it, namely that most Paladins will include a Fordring, Lay on Hands, Guardian of Kings... there alone you have a 3/30 (10% chance) of getting a decent blast out of it. If you happen to like Giants, all the more reason. It's also valuable for an Arena deck where you happen to be offered it after many other high-cost cards have been taken.

So what about if you're on the other side of it? Is it really "unfair" that your opponent managed to whip out such a small chance occurrence? No. Not in a game where you need >50% win rate to make any progress. It's not a "win" button, it's a "~95% chance this is probably not going to be worth the mana" button. There are plenty of other game-changingly good cards out there whose effects are not random, but Holy Wrath isn't one of them, and doesn't need to be changed.
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Card is fine.

People who do not use the card regularly do not deserve to judge its effectiveness (I used it daily in my main deck, and it is a solid card).

My Holy Wrath does 4 - 8 damage consistently in my deck, and is one of the few strengths I am proud of, a mean holy wrath.

If Holy Wrath is nerfed, I demand all Legendaries get nerfed as well (It is one of my few weapons against legendaries).
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This is what the card is made for draw a 8-20 mana cost minion,and I think the card info say moltins or somthink so it was designed for the 20damage :D
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01/06/2014 04:10 AMPosted by Zazza
If your intellectually challenged enough to have this card in your deck at any decent rank then you obviously need the luck to draw a molten giant to win.

/End thread

Questioning someone's intellect while simultaneously using 'your' instead of the correct 'you're' is ironic.
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considering paladin have lost the game by turn 5 usually, i guess it should be set to 20 damage. just to kill yourself.
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