Having trouble with big minion decks, help?

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Especially against priest decks because in the endgame they can MC the only 2-3 big minions I have that can stand toe to toe with theirs... I still managed to defeat quite a few people with big legends like Ysera in the ladder, but big minions one turn after another are a bit hard to counter. Would like to know if there's anything I can do do my deck to make them easier to deal with or if I just have to accept that I'm paper and they're scissors.

Disclaimer: It's kind of a budget and makeshift deck. If there are obvious silly mistakes in deck construction, it's probably more due to the fact that I don't have dust/gold to get better cards and I have to do with second (or third) best options.

(1) Noble Sacrifice
(1) Leper Gnome
(1) Southsea Deckhand
(1) Worgen Infiltrator
(2) Equality
(2) Amani Berserker
(2) Argent Protector
(2) Dire Wolf Alpha x2
(2) Loot Hoarder x2
(2) Wild Pyromancer
(3) Divine Favor
(3) Acolyte of Pain
(3) Raid Leader x2
(3) Shattered Sun Cleric x2
(4) Truesilver Champion x2
(4) Consecration x2
(4) Hammer of Wrath x2
(4) Chillwind Yeti
(5) Frostwolf Warlord
(6) Avenging Wrath
(6) Argent Commander
(7) Guardian of Kings
(7) Stormwind Champion

Ideally, I draw a 1 cost + Dire Wolf/Raid Leader to get good trades early on and escalate from there. Equality + Consecration/Pyromancer/Avenging Wrath are my board clears, but with only 1 Equality and since I need 2 cards for any of the combos, it's hard for it to be in my hand when I need it.
Divine Favor I really like, since I'm usually way behind in hand size because of how many weenies I have. Argent Protector has been relatively underwhelming, he never shows up when I need something protected anyways.

Sometimes I'm not really sure about what do when I go second... When I go first and I have a 1-drop, it's a no-brainer, but when I go second it's a bit harder. Ideally, Coin + Amani, but that doesn't work against many openings. Turn 1 Mana Wyrms/Clerics can be annoying to deal with unless I manage to use Dire Wolf Alpha to boost an Amani/1 cost drop that he miraculously didn't destroy.

Thank you for your time.
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Thank you very much!

1. Owls and Spellbreaker, right? I think I have two Owls... I had even completely forgotten about Silence!
2. I have two of those! It's just that I like all of my 3 drops... I can probably remove 1 Raid Leader.
3. Do I take a Yeti off the deck for BoK?
4. Don't have one, unfortunately. It's on my to-get list!
5. I don't know... I thought it was cool to protect early-game minions.

I had completely forgotten about Big Game Hunter... No Tinkmaster Overspark, I'm afraid. I just got my first legendary in a pack... 5 minutes ago! Onyxia! It fits with the theme of the deck, I guess. Swarming and whatnot, but like you said, maybe if I reach turn 9 and haven't won yet, I'm going to lose anyways.

Sounds like solid advice, it's going to be a headache to find room for some of those suggestions, though. Any thoughts as to what could be removed without much risk to the overall balance of the deck? Noble Sacrifice apparently goes, what else?
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Thank you for the help. I actually just lost 4 games in a row with the deck (same as opening post with a few changes like the Owls, Onyxia and BoK). Against 1 Paladin, 2 Rogues (admittedly one of them had 2 Defias by their second turn with Coin + Defias and Backstab + Defias) and 1 Warlock... I think. Went back to Rank 15 with the losses, too.

Gah, frustrated. Considering just scrapping the whole deck or trying another class. Might need to study it a little bit better, try to battle in unranked to figure out what I should cut. I didn't want to spend any money in the game, but it's getting harder to climb the ladder without a few critical cards. I can't imagine how I'll fare when I reach the point where most people have Sylvanas/Rag/Ysera/Alex/Fordring/etc.
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Use some Peacekeepers to help deal with big minions.
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It's my belief that there should be no one size fits all deck. You are paper and priests are scissors for your deck style. You cant have a deck that covers EVERYTHING. Otherwise, it would be a problem and likely points to something being OP'd. Currently there ARE decks that are "one size fits all", and every one of them in my opinion all point to OP'd issues. You can attempt to fix it by adding 1 to 2 4 attack minions if you dont have enough already. Also keep in mind that paladins RULE at buffing things. Just because you dont have a pure 4 attack creature does not mean you cant combo into MANY of them using your buffs. Just think about the priest's weakness (4 attack minions), and you'll be @@#**@**@% me up and down daily (I play priests a lot because thats my class in WoW).
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Oh, I agree that there will always be a rock-paper-scissors component to it, but there should always be ways to minimize it as well, and that's what I was asking for. I actually played Priest before Paladin. I liked my big minions deck (enough minions to survive the early game + a bunch of huge guys dropped one after another late-game) until I started running into people that simply had better bigger guys than mine.

That's what led me into changing playstyle to something more aggressive. I might just run Warlock next, see how I like the feel of it. Reason why I chose Paladin was because it seemed like a middle ground between the almost automatic Warlock decks and the slow Priest ones.
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Personally I like the way a priest currently plays as slow. I like long drawn out close games and the best class to do that is by far a priest. I loving winning as a priest. I have never won a game 30-0 with a priest. I have however countless 1-30 come from behind wins. Those are where it's at. Theres nothing cooler than pulling off a 1 health comeback. The problem is that this style of play is not competitive. Most competitive decks end the game by turn 5 to 7. I HATE 3 minute games. There is absolutely no point in racing through a game like that. It's retarded.
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