Sinister Strike buff?

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I haven't seen this card being used competitively and it might need a little rework.
Here's what I think:

Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero. Combo: Deal 2 + Weapon Attack Damage to the enemy hero.

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I ran a pirate/weapon deck that actually fared pretty well. The win condition for me was getting an assassin's blade with 1 or 2 deadly poisons and a Blade Flurry for 10-14 damage in a turn, or a southsea deckhand with cold bloods. I had a respectable win rate with it, I think a change like this would make rogue weapon focused decks broken, dealing up to 9 damage for 1 mana seems ridiculous, even if it is a best case scenario.
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It's weak because it doesn't affect the board, buffing or changing it's damage wouldn't do anything. you probably won't see any ability that only damages the enemy hero in competitive play short of something like a gimmick headcrack deck.
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Well... Headcrack could be amazing if only its costs were like 0 :D.
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Sinister Strike is a 1 mana card that can be used at any point in the game- in other words it's purpose is to set up the combo mechanic (or act as a finisher). Putting it behind the combo mechanic itself defeats that purpose.

Not every card has to be competitive. But it does need to serve a purpose. This change not only ruins the purpose of the card, it fails to make it competitive as well.
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Sinister Strike can still be used to setup a combo for 2, and the extra damage (poisoned weapon, blade, smith) would help our matchup against certain classes. I don't see how it can be bad if can burst to an average of 4-5 with a simple combo (not adding blade flurry for a possible 8-10).

It may kill a mage faster, get through Tirion, or multiple Taunt Minions. Running Silence Minions improve matchups against other classes but having the option to just kill them right away is a good option as well.
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SS is combo starter and with spell power even good dmg dealer it shouldn't be used on turn 1 because you can rather save it for combos and SP and maybe that + weapon dmg would be nice change (like 2+ weapon dmg) (imagine assassin blade poison: attack + new SS + blade fury = 5+ 7+ 5(to all) = 17 dmg to enemy hero )
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