Need advice on starter deck(basic cards)

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Looking around the internet, I couldn't really find a starter mage deck comprised of basic cards.
So, naturally, I made my own deck based on the things that I felt were missing from other basic deck(namely this one:

Since you people are much more knowledgeable on what works and what doesn't, I would appreciate some advice on this deck(what is good/bad, what can be improved upon, good/bad choices for cards etc).

So here goes:

1 - Elven archer x2 - Battlecry:1 damage
2 - Frostbolt x2
2 - Ironbeak Owl x2 - Silence
2 - Kobold geomancer x2 - 2/2 spell power
2 - Novice engineer x2 - card draw
3 - Arcane intellect x2 - card draw
3 - Dalaran mage x2 - 1/4 spell power
3 - Ironfur Grizzly x2 - 3/3 taunt
3 - Shattered Sun Cleric x2 - 3/2 buffs +1/+1 one minion on enter
4 - Fireball x2
4 - Polymorph x2
4 - Sen'jin Shieldmasta x1 - 3/5 taunt
4 - Mogu'shan Warden x1 - 1/7 taunt I want to use this instead of shieldmasta but only have 1 ):
5 - Darkscale healer x2 - 4/5 +2 hp on enter
7 - Flamestrike x2
7 - Stormwind champion x2 - 6/6 +1/+1 everything on board except itself
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It's a little hard to judge because Pyroblast is a central card in a good Mage deck, and that's a rare. Alexstraza is a great support card for the deck, especially if you run Ice Block, but those are legendary and epic, respectively. I'll say a few things though:

1) Elven Archer. I personally would pitch this. You already have the ability to do 1 damage to things with your hero power, and while I know you can combine Archer with your hero power to kill a 2-drop, it's an EXTREMELY weak card and can't do much.

2) Ironbeak Owl. Due to Polymorph, you don't need silence as a Mage. But if you're going to use a Silence minion, use Spellbreaker. Usually silence is reserved for semi-big minions, so you rarely need to silence on turn 2, and Ironbeak dies way too easy.

3) Kobold Geomancer: Spell power can be good, but you're not really running the types of spells that benefit from it. Spell power works well on spells that do low damage; think about it this way. +1 Spell power on a 1-damage spell is a 100% damage increase; on Fireball, it's a 16% damage increase. With only 2 attack, particularly with any health buffers, a lot of players will end up killing it in the early game without you killing the mob in the process, which puts you heavily on the defensive.

4) Dalaran Mage: This card is really bad; even if you run spell power, don't use it. Ogre Magi, Azure Drake (mainly this one), and Archmage are all better.

5) Taunts. Sen'jin Shieldmasta is the best neutral taunt minion in the game. Mogu'shan Warden is pretty bad; I know it has more health, but it rarely kills anything attacking it. Sen'jin soaks up one less hit often, but against aggro decks, it kills everything that hits it. You can probably find better cards than Ironfur Grizzly, period; as a 3/3, it usually ends up trading 1:1 with 2-drops, which defeats the purpose of a taunt minion. Earthen Ring Farseer and/or Harvest Golem come to mind as good 3-drops to replace it with.

6) Darkscale Healer. I like the card; it won't end up in high-end decks, but for low-end slug-fests it might be ok. Use at your own discretion, but realize the point of this card is to heal your own minions.

7) Stormwind Champion. Your deck doesn't have a lot of cheap minions or tokens, so I don't think you'll find much use out of this card. Don't get me wrong, he's a decent card, but he works well on lots of cheap minions.


Note sure what you should replace these cards with, but I'll say right off the bat that Water Elemental is a pretty decent card. He doesn't make his way into a lot of high-end decks (though he's in my rank 3 mage deck), but particularly when you're starting out he's awesome. He pesters weapon classes pretty well by freezing their hero, and his stats are really high for a 4-drop.

Speaking of that, Acidic Swamp Ooze is a 2-drop to consider using. He's by no-means a must-have, but when you're just starting out, he probably makes the cut.

Anyway, if you want to see what high-end decks look like, you can look them up online yourself, so I'm not trying to type out a fully optimized deck for you (it would take me forever to type all that). I'm just trying to give some basic pointers.

One card I really like using is Mad Bomber. He's a common (not a basic), but when he comes down, he peppers the board with random damage. This can often be used to seed the damage required to finish something with your hero power. He takes some practice to get used to though, so you might not want to use him when you're just starting out; for example, played at the wrong time, his battlecry can lose you game, so you have to be careful when you use him. Still, he's a great card when you get the hang of him.
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I was looking for the same thing as him, Thank you for this. What is your' opinion on Pyroblast. I crafted one , but I'm not sure if it was the correct choice since I am so low in rankings.
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