Tainted Mana Crystals + Card Ideas

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Okay, so I've got an idea to solve this demon penalty thing with warlocks and possibly some more. Of course it might just be a terrible idea, but who knows, I'll let you decide.
So, as we all know, currently next to nobody uses most warlock cards, because of their drawbacks and attempts have been futile to optimize them so they wouldn't be so strong or weak. This idea might be a bit like the Shaman mechanic "Overload" but with a twist.
So, when you play a demon, that would be too strong for its cost, it "TAINTS" one, or some of your mana crystals. In your next turn, you can only use that tainted crystal if you also pay one health per tainted crystals used.
So, for example, you play a Pit Lord at turn 4. It cost 4 mana, and is a 5/6 (I might be wrong here). But instead of hitting you for 5 when you play it, he will tain 5 of your mana crystals. Turn 5 comes and all of your crystals are corrupted. Now you want to play a 2 drop. You pay 2 mana and 2 of your own health to play it.
This means, that you could use these tainted crystals, (unlike Overloaded crystals) but you will be taking one damage per crystal you've used. Of course, if you don't have all your crystals tainted, the game would always expend untainted crystals first.
So practically, that Pit Lord deal 5 damage to you, but it's up to you at what pace do you want to take that 5 damage.
Of course, with a new mechanic, they would need to optimize the strength of demons and their penalties. However I think, it would be a more predictable way to punish you for getting out stronger creatures early.
This could also apply to some spells, like hellfire not hurting you minions, but tainting your crystals instead.
Edit: Once you use up a tainted mana crystal, it gets cleansed by the next turn, so it's not permanent. Forgot about that part, sorry.

I also have an idea for a new demon:
Is a 1/5 for 2 mana, plus taints 2 of your crystals
Can't be targeted with spells and Hero Powers.
Any minion it hits will be silenced

I don't know if it's too strong for the cost, I didn't really think about the numbers here, I just wanted to think of a card that has similar abilities to that of a Felhound in Warcraft 3. Post your thoughts about the idea.

Also, I think Shadow Bolt and Drain Life could be merged. Like with a lot of Druid cards, you have a coice to do one thing or the other. I think, since both costs 3 mana, you could have a coice to either do 4 direct damage or deal 2 damage and heal your hero for 2.

Please, give your feedback on my ideas.
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good idea for the mechanic but that'd just make warlocks more op since cards and board control are worth much more then a few health points.
felhound is a horrible idea that thing's just broken
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I definitely prefer the idea to current punishment mechanics. The felhound seems crazy op, maybe have the silence last for as long as the felhound is on the board?
In any case, the tainted mana crystals is awesome. Question: if you don't use a tainted mana crystal, will the taint 'wash away' eventually? Or are you doomed to take the damage?

This could also give rise to a card like
"Destroy all tainted mana crystals and deal x damage per mana crystal to all enemies"
(The reason this is to enemies, not all characters is a) hellfire already does that so the damage per crystal would have to be pretty high and b) you're already setting yourself back pretty far in the game by destroying a certain amount of the crystals)
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12/23/2013 07:47 AMPosted by JohnSnow
Question: if you don't use a tainted mana crystal, will the taint 'wash away' eventually? Or are you doomed to take the damage?

This has already been discussed in another topic and I'm considering changing the idea to having the crystals cleanse themselv after one or more turns (probably more, because if they would only persist one turn, it would be too similar to Overload). I don't know about the spell you've described, it looks pretty OP, if you deal more than 1 damage per crystal (eg. 2), given you have 10 tainted crystals could wipe off the whole board and get your opponent's hero to 10 HP (provided they had full HP, when you played the card) But then again, if that doesn't kill them, you would start again from 1 crystal. So it yould be pretty much a finisher only.
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I like this idea. Its oozing with flavor.

I would say one could get cleansed each turn. This would give a sense of a crazy warlock dabbling deep into fel magic early, and then either resisting the temptation or risk getting too close to KOd.

Unfortunately I feel like since we're on the precipice of the open beta a new/better mechanic won't be introduced ATM. But, that doesn't mean that FUTURE demons won't use this mechanic. It would be cool to have the option to build a deck around demons that discard, or demons that taint (or a mix of both).
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This sounds a little better.

It still seems VERY abuse-able (very susceptive to sap and hard removal) but it's better then the current effects, getting a succubus or flame imp saped is a horrible feeling.
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