Archmage Antonidas, Worth it?

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I'm a new player and intended on playing mage, luckily in my first pack I got antonidas, I've played about with it but it tends to obviously be a huge target of removal/big abilities straight away, and getting more than a turn of fireballs out of him is nearly impossible unless they've used all their big stuff already, in which the game is pretty much won anyway.

Is it worth continuing with it, or DE'ing it for dust to craft other cards I need (really lacking on some important ones seeing as I'm only a few days into the game). Having doubts seeing as most mage decks online don't include him?

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I wouldn't DE him; he's a GOOD ENOUGH card, so to speak, and it costs 4x as much to craft him as you get from sharding him (meaning if you change your mind, you'll really regret it).

That being said, I rarely see Antonidus in high level play. If you're just starting out he might be worth running, but once you have access to everything he won't make the cut. He's a game ender if he stays on the board, but that's true of a lot of expensive cards. For him to be effective, you have to be prepared to drop him and immediately follow up with spells that will actually be helpful that same turn to build up some Fireballs from him.
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Not worth a place in a well done deck, still an awesome card to begin playing with when you don't have dust for others.
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Don't DE him. Maybe he is not that common in the current meta, but still a more than powerful card. The meta may change and if everyone plays him you regret to de'ed him for some rares/commons
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Don't ever even think to disenchant Antonidas again. He is a very very strong finisher.
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Meta sheep don't care for him, but that could change in a couple weeks if one of the top mage players uses him. Hold onto him and have some fun with it.
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Wait for the enemy to summon The Mighty Milhouse Manastorm then enjoy your Unlimited FIREBALLS!!!!!
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12/19/2013 04:32 PMPosted by dwadley
The Mighty Milhouse Manastorm

lol.. problem is that you need Antonidas to be on play first before this comes out. Meaning, the enemy will never likely put Milhouse out, knowing you already have the OP mage on stage :D
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lol I wish I had antonidas.
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Antonidas is fun!

He also synergizes really well with a lot of cards. A sorcerers apprentice on the field could lead to 3 fireballs being cast next turn. Have a gadgetzan auctioneer on the field, then every "free" fireball is acard draw.

To top it off, it can recycle smaller arcane missiles, frostbolts, etc that were useful early game, into ever useful fireballs. He's a great turn 9-10 card, especially if you have the coin to get an extra fireball.

The "trick" so to speak is to be able to get at least 1 fireball created by him. Then when he gets removed it may have ended up being card positive for you.
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