Rogue Deck Critique (Ranked play)

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Right now I feel like my Rogue deck is ready to really start climbing the ladder in ranked play but I wanted some advice from you guys concerning anything in my deck that is a blatant mistake or an area where there are definitively better choices. Anyway here is the list

2-Deadly Poison
2-Fairie Dragon
2-Loot Hoarder
2-Novice Engineer
2-Harvest Golem
2-Shattered Sun Cleric
2-Dark Iron Dwarf
2-Def of Argus
1-Azure Drake
2-Argent Comm

1. I feel like perhaps Spellbreaker, Golem's, or the SSC's could be replaced for more spells, something like Cold Blood. Would this be a smarter use of two slots?
2. It doesn't seem like the Assassin's Blade is popular at all but what about Perd's Blade?
3. What about Headcrack as a spell?
4.Beyond Sylvanas, what legendary should I plan to craft? Leeroy seems to be popular and Edward seems to be pretty situational to me.
Thanks for any help offered guys I really appreciate it!
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1. Fan of knives can be quite helpful against warlocs; I'd consider ditching spellbreaker or a SSC for it. I wouldn't recommend cold blood, as you are playing more of a control/card draw rogue

2. Assassin's blade is a bit too slow; perdition's is actually quite excellent. Again, a big draw is that it is helpful against warlocks. Can swap out a SSC or spellbreaker.

3. Headcrack is terrible unless you're running certain magic power rogue decks. In which case the deck requires a large revamp (and use of preparation and gadgetzan auctioneers)

4. Leeroy doesn't fit this deck quite that well imo, as again, it seems more control/card draw based. Ragnoros is the best fit; by controlling the board effectively, he is a natural finisher for this deck. Edwin can be okay, as he can bait some of the hexes and removals. Just don't try to play suboptimally to make him morbidly strong. Black knight can be helpful for annoying druids. I've been thinking of tink can fit as well.

I run a fairly similar deck. I actually include an ooze in there.

Knife jugglers, southsea deckhands, and spiteful smiths can be cards to consider.
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Posts: 7 check out my rogue deck . Been playing with it exclusively since ranked revision ( rank 5 atm ! ) :)
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I opened an Edwin when I first started and he's pretty much all-in after you shadowstep a 2-drop

He can be funny where you get a 8/8 T3, but apart from that it's really meh
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