Funky murloc deck

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Hi all! I would like feedback in the following 2 decks,along with which one u like the most

Deck 1:
x1 Blood Imp
x2 Flame Imp
x2 Mortal Coil(questionable)
x2 Voidwalker
x1 Acidic Swamp Ooze
x2 Demonfire
x2 Ironbeak Owl
x2 Knife Juggler
x2 Loot Hoarder(might change with engineer for synergy with coil)
x1 Sunfury Protector(thinking of 2)
x2 Shadowbolt
x1 Void Terror(questionable)
x2 Hellfire
x1 Shadowflame(questionable)
x2 Twilight Drake
x1 Abomination
x1 Siphon Soul(questionable)
x1 Lord Jaraxxus
x2 Molten Giant

This deck's focus is to bring good support early with spells and buffs,apply pressure,use hero power for advantage,and when the enemy manages to overcome it,use hellfire and shadowflame,pop some slightly bigger badboys and then go for jaraxxus and molten giants to finish off in the late game,also i relay on silence

Deck 2:
x2 Blood Imp
x2 Flame Imp
x1 Murloc Raider
x2 Grimscale Oracle(mabye 1? dunno much bout murlocs)
x2 Murloc Tidecaller
x2 Voidwalker
x2 Bluegill Warrior(mabye 1?)
x1 Demonfire (mabye 2?)
x2 Ironbeak Owl
x2 Knife Juggler
x2 Murloc Tidehunter
x2 Coldnight Seer (mabye 1?)
x2 Murloc Warleader
x1 Shadow Bolt(mabye 2?)
x1 Defender Of Argus(mabye 2)
x1 Old Murk-Eye
x1 Lord Jaraxxus
x2 Molten Giants

Variation of deck 1,with more focus on early game,and not relaying on hellfire but at buffed murlocs and sielence on ironbeak owl

Thnx in advance!
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Posts: 3
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