Warlocks missing more taunt cards

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Hi, I'm very new to playing hearthstone and I really like all the classes. The warlocks at low level (I'm up to level 6) has been really terrible for me. Here is why:

1) My main ability deals me damage but allows me to draw a card.
2) I very rarely get taunt cards in my hand.
3) The cards I do get have high mana costs associated with them or have low mana costs with very low damage abilities.
4) Many cards I get do insta damage to opponents minions but don't drop a minion on the board for me to use in the long run.

I will qualify this, I play a warlock in wow as my main. This is where my logic comes from. I'm used to, in wow, having a taunt pet always and on top of that I can recast him fairly quickly. I feel like the warlock main ability should not be deal damage to self and draw a card. It should be deal damage to self and get a taunt pet.

The problem is this for me, most of the game play I'm busy dealing damage to myself and trying to get a taunt pet out there. If I'm just laying down regular minions the opponent is healing themselves and dealing high damage to me and wiping out my hard hitting minions. I really feel strongly that all the other classes I've played get a lot of cheap taunt pet drops.

It just seems wrong that my main ability deals damage to myself. Some of the abilities I have deal damage to everyone and then I have very low taunt pet drops. To be honest there are times when I spend time just helping my enemy kill me because I need a freaking taunt pet drop or I'm pretty much just dead (the minions don't deal any more damage to my opponent than my opponents pets deal damage to me).

I could be that I haven't unlocked *good* cards yet or something. But from a starter level this class should drop taunt pets often especially at the low level. If I was in wow and didn't have my taunt pet out while questing I would be dead quickly no matter if I kited a mob or whatever. The minion wouldn't have enough damage dealing to take the mob down before I died. Warlocks are not tanks. Their minions are.
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Warlocks have 2 class-based taunt cards, which is actually more taunt than most classes. The problem is that one of them (Felguard, a Rare in the Expert set) is poorly balanced.

On the other hand, Warlocks do have access to a fairly large amount of Healing, so you can use that to supplement a slower, non-suicidal playstyle.

A lot of this is just not having seen/experienced the full options available to you, since you only have a small number of the cards so far. There are many very good taunt minions. Sen'jin Shieldmasta for example is a long-time favorite, but there are many others that are good as well. Sunwalker, Grizzly Bear, and some others being what most often peek my own interest. You might look at websites like Hearthpwn.com or Hearthhead.com to get a better idea of what cards are in the game, and available to Warlocks specifically.

When it comes to self-damage. It needs to be regulated. A large part of the Warlock's power comes from being able to get the right card to deal with the right situation, which means having the correct decision-making. Since you're new and inexperienced, it can be hard to figure out which cards are good, and in which situations. As you play more, hopefully you'll get a better idea of what is good, and how best to use it, as well as what sort of comeback plays the opponent might be able to make.

Good luck, and above all, I hope you have fun, whether you continue with Warlock or decide to switch to another class.
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Warlocks have awesome taunt cards? Plus many, many neutral taunt cards.

1/3 demon taunter

3/5 demon taunter costs a mana crystal...

many neutrals.
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