!Rank 5 and rising rogue Deck!

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So i have built this deck since the revision of Ranked system playing it exclusively since now :
x2 Backstab
x2 Deadly Poison
x2 Blade Flurry
x2 Eviscerate
x2 Acidic Ooze
x2 Perdition's blade
x2 Harvest Golem
x2 si:7 agent
x2 Dark iron Dward
x2 Defender of Argus
x2 Assasin's Blade
x2 Spiteful Smith
x2 Argent Commander
x2 Sunwalker
Pros : A well all-around trade deck that can cope with rush decks in a satisfying point also rushing quite good on its own. Good combinations allows you to keep pressuring your opponent leading him to waste precious cards to keep up . End game power grinding coming from Ysera for the finishing blow aswell a somehow <<lifesaver>> in the form of Alexstrasza (especially dissapointing when a Mage or Lock is rd to finish you)
Cons: Non existent card draw power so u may get unlucky several times . So keep in mind to be conservative when pulling moves and always try to minimize false plays or overextending with false plays. No assasinate . Now bare in mind that this deck utilizes on minion combo and weapon damage so i decide to not pick up assasinate as long as i feel safe with my removal.
(NOTICE!): Im trying to create Sylvanas so i can add her so if anyone owns her feel free to include her for awesome board pressure situations :D
So that's all ! Feel free to try this deck and also reply to me with thoughts or tweaks ! I'm looking forward for discussions ! :)
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I like it! I will try it tonight
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It amazes me how even though rogue looks like a class that can only be built one way (with very slight variations) it is still flexible enough to do something like this. I hit rank 5 with a much more aggro build. Such a good class.
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Glad you like it :) . I've started building a spell rogue but i kept tweaking it till i made this.
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I'll try this deck out too, however, although I have Ysera, I don't have Alexstrasza, should I just replace it with a heal creature?
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alexstrasza is an important part of this deck but i would suggest some mid game control cards.
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