Beef Stew never works for me.

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So, I made Beef Stew and took it into Ranked, was around rank 13... and I dropped to Rank 17 by playing this deck.

Warlock Aggro is my main deck, so I know how to play an aggro deck, but this deck just feels....Cursed.

Whenever I play it, I never draw Murlocs in my opening hand, even when I Mulligan, and even then, I'm ALWAYS fighting Paladins, Shamans and Rogues who just end me before I even get a chance.

Does my luck just suck?
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I think everyone has adjusted to the beef stew now :( Having the same luck, even with lucky draws.
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I'm at rank 10.. ranking up further with this deck is going to be difficult though.

You don't need murlocs at the get-go, you just need a strong turn 1 drop. Blood Imp is good, leper gnome is good, flame imp is good, coin VW + any of those is good. Hell you can even drop the priestess to bait out early removal. If you start seeing counterplay focus on forcing them to play their entire - murlocs are top-decking champions and always have been.

Also I've found that if the game goes on to turn 9 and I've still got some board presence I can throw Jarraxus and my little guys left on the board will give me time to transition into infernals about half the time. 50% success rate for a last-ditch strategy isn't bad.

Rank 9 now!
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