I've recently been experimenting with a mage deck which has the potential to apply heavy early pressure as well as set up for the mid game but I'm having some trouble holding my own against rogue decks that can clear minions quickly and play around a lot of the secrets. Any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated (currently at around rank 7, haven't extensively tried it as still debating whether or not to craft some legendaries).

With the right draws though, things quickly spiral heavily out of control and snowballs into a very straightforward match.

1 Mirror Image x2
1 Mana Wyrm x2
2 Frostbolt x2
2 Mana Wraith x2
3 Arcane Intellect x2
3 Counterspell x2
3 Ice Block x1
3 Mirror Entity x2
3 Vaporize x1
3 Kirin Tor Mage x1
4 Fireball x2
4 Defender of Argus
4 Ethereal Arcanist x2
5 Azure Drake x2
7 Flamestrike x2
8 Pyroblast x2
9 Ysera x1
20 Molten Giant x1

First of all, unconventionally I run one vaporize as pseudo removal especially after board clear and I have lost board presence. I have been debating whether or not it can be switched out for spellbender since it may be useful against things like cold blood, blessing of kings, power word shield etc. I'm also kind of debating whether or not a secretkeeper could be incorporated into it.

I understand Ysera isn't the most conventional of legs, but he can provide some late game presence for finishers and board clears which is especially useful if you have an ice block up. The molten giant and argus are there for when things get hairy against rush decks as an emergency taunt. It also serves the purpose of potentially buffing up arcanists or mirror images for trades.

I'm currently wondering also if crafting Antonidas is worth it since it might give some final finishing ability, especially since there are a lot of spells.

Against rush decks, drawing early wyrm, mirror image and mana wraiths can be absolutely devastating. Sometimes when I draw 2 mana wraiths early on and go second, I can have complete control of the early game tempo and set myself up with secrets for the midgame. Ideal draws would be wraith or mana wyrm + mirror early, then counterspell/mirror entity + arcanist for midgame board control and removal counter.

I'm also considering whether or not one more Kirin Tor is needed or if I should swap out Ysera for Alex.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.