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Once I wrote about druidic druid decks. This question rose when I saw what kind of stuff most druids put in their decks. This is their game, of course, but I do not feel good thinking about orcs, trolls, yetis and murlocs in druid decks. This ruins the flavor of druid class. Why one starts to play druid if he wants to be the murloc overlord?
So I tried to create a deck that will be as druidic as possible with the cards availible in the game. Creatures are the main problem - there are few cards that can fit this deck.
Here is the card list.

Naturalize - 1
Claw - 2
Power of the wild - 2
Wrath - 2
Ironbeak Owl - 1
Youthful Brewmaster - 2
Fairy Dragon - 2
Healing Touch - 1
Emperor Cobra - 1
Swipe - 2
Bite - 1
Ancient Brewmaster - 1
Keeper of the Grove - 2
Nourish - 1
Starfall - 2
Druid of the Claw - 2
Starfire - 2
Force of Nature - 1
Ancient of War - 1
Ancient of Lore -1

I managed to climb to 14 rank at the best. The brewmasters are not strictly druidic, but at least they are not aggressive opposites. I will replace them after addition of the new cards (if this happens).
The most dire problem are legendaries. I cannot beat two like Ysera and Ragnaros in a row, and even taking down one Ysera wastes my hand.

Suggestions on improvement, creature-spell balance and various combat tricks are welcome. My favorite thing is bouncing of keepers and cat form of druid - because in my games bear druid is usually destroyed before he can attack.
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May be you need lil more "meat" in your deck ..speaking of more beefy mid-late game minions.
I think you can remove at least 1 panda and 1 starfire/starfall(keep 2 starfall imho). A savage roar could be nice addition also.
You dont need at all the 3th silence then you are already using 3 pandas to flip minions ! ;D
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