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Efficiency and spell damage, with a side of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

I decided to share this deck cuz... well, I had a lot of success with it, and getting bored of Ranked play, so why not share my success. I'll even give you strategies to boot!

Biggest tip: Make sure your Lightning storm takes out 3+ minions with big HP. Use your spell damage minions with Lightning spells. That's the reason they're in there, so don't waste them.

Couple of notes: I got to Rank 8 with Ysera, not Ragneros. I JUST got Rag in a random pack, so I swapped him in and he works a lot better cuz of the 8 instead of 9 mana. Mah goodness dats OP. Anyways, here are my class strategies!

Warlock: MULLIGAN EVERYTHING TO GET A LIGHTNING STORM!!!! If you don't get one, you're f---ed! Anyways, with locks, timing is everything. Do NOT use your lightning storms until you can clear more than 4 to 5 minions. Anything else, sack your taunt minions, forked lightning, etc.

You WILL win your match if you time your forked lightning right. If you don't get one... use your forked lightning and +spell damage on the heavier HP minions. Remember, if you keep the board clear, you win the damage race.

Mage: Damage damage damage. These guys are the f-ing WORST!!! You have to clear the board AND damage them. This is a 50/50 game. Don't be afraid of their AOE. It's honestly a damage race. If they at ANY POINT start hitting your hero with spells, know they have fire balls and/or pyros in their hand.

Hunter: You need to keep the board clear. Only put down your wolves when you know they will not be cleared from minions that don't have charge. You want to get super value from these bad boys, they win you the game :)

Hunters CAN out damage you because of the hero power and minions, so get control asap!

Priest: Silence and Hex are your friend here. Use them on their Sylvanas, those Fire elementals, and the big ogre guy (sorry cant think of names). At turn 8+ if you NEED to play your big minions you'd better have an answer for when they Mind Control, and oh god they always have mind control. Generally if I won't get the killing blow with that minion I won't place it down.

Shaman: Long, boring, and drawn out battles. Honestly who ever can bait out the other player's spells wins. I love to keep 2 Rockbiters and my doomhammer ready for 16 damage in 1 turn. They never see it coming. Try to use your damage spells on the hero, not the minions.

Rogue: Pretty easy. Just bait out the Assasinate with your Fire elementals and Aboms. Then BAM, 5 mana Earth ele ftw. Keep the board clear with forked lightning. Do NOT waste lightning storm on less than 4 minions. You have a lot of +spell damage, so use it wisely.

Warrior: This should be your game. Execute is your enemy :( Don't be afraid to take damage against them and waiting a turn or two for efficient forked lightning/storm. Look at the cards they play. Go look up the general OTK warrior deck. If they play OTK do NOT get them below 20-23 HP until you have that much damage in 1 turn, or lots of taunt n the bord.

If theyre not OTK, this is your game. They will hate you and your board clears :)

Paladin: Just try to make sure they don't have a single minion. Use rockbiter on 3 hp minions if you have to. YOU take the damage, don't let your minions die. They have AMAZING board clear with pyromancer/equality/consecration, and as long as you keep their board clear and you have 1-3 minions on the board, they WILL use those spells. The higher the rank, the more likely they have Tirion and Sylvanas, so for the love of god don't waste Hex's unless it's game ending.

Druid: Tough battles ahead. They always have Ysera for some reason. Anyways, out damage and make sure the board is clear. They have a lot of buffs and efficient board clears but if you keep killing minions, you win.

That's it! Hope best of luck out there. Let me know if you have questions/suggestions and I'll post back~~
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I've been thinking about Aboms in my deck, Abom is such a beating to rush decks if you can clear/stay alive long enough to get it down. I keep running into issues with not having enough spellpower for Lightning Storm to do the trick, I'm running Wild Pyromancer which is a good combo with Storm, Forked Lightning, etc but I could pull my Faerie Dragons for Kobolds and see how it goes. Wish I had all those legendaries, I've only got Rag right now.

I lived the double Rockbiter+Doomhammer dream earlier today against a OTK Warrior, left him at 20 hp with 4 attack worth of minions on the board, skipped my attack to keep him from being able to combo and then Doomhammer'd his face off next turn, haha. So good.
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Honestly, since u have rag, just run 2 argent commanders instead of thalnos and leeroy. The divine shields helps out so much more than what I have. I currently run no Argents only cuz I disenchanted them for the dust. I'll probably rebuild them after the rank wipe and see how the deck is with them.
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Why not remove the Earth elementals? I really don't think that they are necesary in any shaman deck even most consider that everyone seems to have big game,black knight or tinkmaster.Now is fun to see the oponent using black knight on my wolves after geting tired of waiting for my earth elementals.
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Because it's a card they HAVE to deal with. Ive played enough classes to know exactly when to drop an Elemental and make sure it's a problem. What other 5 drop can you use with that much force? So many games I drop an ele and leeroy in the same turn and my my my what a scary force to deal with.

If you look at the list, I run a LOT of lower minions so that overload doesnt constrict me.
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