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Hello fellow paladins!

I only recently started climbing the ladder, and after a couple hours of casual playing I've reached rank 14. While my deck is still competitive and wins most of my games, I feel like the concept of the deck is "good, cheap paladin cards+good, cheap neutral minions=win". While this strategy is completely viable at the current place in my journey up the ladder, I can already smell this deck crumbling at higher levels of play.

It doesn't really have a weakness to any class, as far as I can tell, but it also doesn't really excel against anything. I've had wins that range from fatigue top-deck wars to turn 6 aggro kills to oddly mid range, although the deck leans toward the control side of things most of the time, and that's the way I tend to play it.

Argent Squire (1)
Worgan Infiltrator (1)
Acidic Swamp Ooze (1)
Faerie Dragon (2)
Ironbeak Owl (1)
Mad Bomber (1)
Novice Engineer (1)
Harvest Golem (2)
Scarlet Crusader (1)
Shattered Sun Cleric (2)
Truesilver Chamion (2)
Blessing of Kings (2)
Consecration (1)
Chillwind Yeti (2)
Sen'jin Shielmasta (2)
Silver hand Knight (1)
Spiteful Smith (1)
Stranglethorn Tiger (1)
Argent Commander (1)
Boulderfist Ogre (2)
Guardian of Kings (1)
Stormwind Champion (1)

As you can see the mana curve is kinda wack and it's pretty much just a stack of value cards. Can anybody help me turn this pile of potential into something playable at the higher ranks? Cost is not an issue.
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Thanks for putting them in mana cost order, makes it much easier to read :)

A few things I can see right off the bat:

No Equality?
No Wild Pyromancer?
Only 1 Consecration?

Without these, you will get wrecked by Murlock-Warlocks. Yes, it takes 6 deck spots, but you need it.

If I were you I'd replace Mad Bomber with Knife Juggler. Since you have so much divine shield and 1 health minions, it just seems anti-synergetic to have the Bomber in your deck.

Novice Engineer, in all honesty, is overrated. In games with bigger decks (like MTG) cantrips are good, but in this game it's 2 wasted mana.

Now that we have that done, the next step is asking yourself "How do I want to win?" As it stands your deck is all over the place, with some buffs, some removal, some efficient minions, and some agro ones.

Do you want to win using buffs (going off your SSC, Stormwind Champion, BoK)? Get some more buffs, like Abusive Sergeant. Replace late-game cards with early threats and maybe some chargers.

Do you want to win by being efficient (going off divine shield, Harvest Golem, Senjin, Yeti)? Add more removal, AoE, Divine Shield minions/buffs, and removal (Hammer of Wrath).

Want to play "control pally" (You said you liked the style) and win later, when your opponent has in out of steam? Removal, removal, removal (even Charge minions will do if you don't have the spells yet). Add late game things like War Golem, and add more healing, get rid of one drops. You may need some epics/ legendaries to truly make a viable deck like this. Without Lay on Hands, the card that does 6 random damage (I'm tired, can't remember the name), or Tirion, you may find yourself unable to deal a killing blow, even with board control and card advantage.

Of course, take this with a grain of salt, as I'm currently rank 9 (not like legendary or anything). If you have more questions or disagree with anything, let me know!
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Well like the above poster said gotta focus. I will start my advice by disagreeing about the novice engineer. In anything but the most aggro deck shes a solid turn two play you get a body that isnt free removed by your opponent and you get the card back. However I would caution against going full control unless you have way more cards laying around because late late game is a place dominated by epics and legends. For your cards I would recommend more of a midrange style tempo deck. Your goal is to win trades and always have something left over and pally has some great tools for that. As a pally I think you pretty much need to slot in 2 each equality, pyromaster, and consecrate. If youre doing midrangish stuff double peacekeeper and double protector are solid as are double of argent squire, and commander. Also would add in buff minions since they fit well in mid rangy type decks so 2 each shattered sun, dark iron, and defender. Then would probably want to add in double harvest and truesilver. Last few Id fiddle with until it felt right.
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I've mulled over your advice for a while and decided that while I do want to play a control deck, a midrange setup would seem more viable at the moment, especially with the ladder reset. As Dark said, late game is dominated by epics and legendaries, so
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That was weird, guess the server cut me off.

But anyways, I don't have the dust at the moment to pull off a control deck, so I think I will go more midrange. Having efficient cards and beneficial trades is a playstyle I think I'll also enjoy.

Thanks for your help, guys!
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