How do you beat Shamans?

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Honestly, I have so much trouble beating shamans whether I play rogue, warrior, or mage. I'm pretty new so could anyone give any pointers or tips on how best to play my deck and what strategies are good against shamans?

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
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I've been doing very good against every deck but Murloc Aggro (where I throw everything back and pray for Lightning Storm). I feel like it comes down to how good the Shaman is and the RNG of their Lightning Storm/Totems. I don't know if there's a surefire way to beat Shaman since it's largely a Control class; however, Shamans typically don't have any healing so all the damage you do really counts.
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Always clear a shamans totem and board don't go for the damage. Take advantage when a shaman is overloaded and don't shove all your minions out just because you can. A good aggro rogue can kill a shaman before he can tempo into late game; don't make the mistake of shoving everything you have on the field because you can. bait and force lightning storms with just 1 or 2 minions. Save removal for earth elemental and ragnaros...eviscerate and back-stab is super cheap removal..get some blade furies. Mages invest in 2 pyros and a iceblock and build a aggro deck...warriors probably a molten giant turn kill via molten 2/3 pirate that gets +damage from weapon and your charge minion.
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In my experience you cannot concede board control to a shaman. You have to play around their spells, but it is much more important to force out storms and forked lightning early locking them into playing weaker minions the subsequent turn due to overload. Once he has board control with totems, he will snowball out of control unless you have some kind of board clear.

As said above, try not to just dump your hand on the table without seeing any lightning storms since he's most likely sitting on one, but keep board control up and this is especially useful with SSCs, iron dwarves, and defender of arguses since they can put your minions out of spell range. Watch out for higher mana combos with spell damage. Also do not neglect clearing taunt totems off the board or healing totems as if they get protected or a flametongue is dropped you will immediately regret not clearing it.
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DragNasty gave you EXACTLY what every other deck is doing against Shamans right now...just because leaving minions on the field leaves you open to a possible Bloodlust.

The only other way Shamans can be anything offensive towards other decks is Doomhammer and Lava Burst.

Doomhammer is limited by Taunt cards and somewhat nullify that ability as well.
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You either need to have a pretty solid rush deck or be able to hold the board better than the shaman. I've won dozens of times because an opponent hasn't bothered to kill a totem, or I've turtled and let them build up only to eat a spellpowered lightning storm.

Hold onto board control, stomp totems and keep removal cards handy for the big nasty minions. Also, warriors are in a really bad place right now unless you can pull off a molten giant blitz or alexstraza-gorehowl-charge.
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