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Hello everyone, I'd really appreciate some input and advice for my deck. After some testing, I've noticed a trend of two different styles that can come out of it. Firstly, given the correct early draws, it can apply some OK early aggression in the form of many 1/1's and 2/2's. Secondly, the deck really comes to shine in the 4-6 cost area, but sometimes I've had more overall damage done in the first 7 rounds than anything that gets into the 8-10+ turn range. Anyway, enjoy. Added note, I dont have easy access to every card, and my card selections are limited.

Blessing of Might x1
Blessing of Wisdom x1
Eye for an Eye x1
Humility x1
Hand of Protection x1
Young Priestess x1
Holy Light x1
Argent Protector x2
Loot Hoarder x1
Sunfury Protector x1
Youthful Brewmaster x1
Divine Favor x1
Demolisher x1
Imp Master x1
Truesilver Champion x2
Consecration x2
Hammer of Wrath x2
Twilight Drake x1
Elite Tauren Chieftain x1
Stormpike Commando x1
Avenging Wrath x2
Frost Elemental x1
Sunwalker x1
The Beast x1
Guardian of Kings x1

Thanks for your attention and input.
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Remove: Blessing of might, young priestess, eye for an eye, humility, hand of protection, holy light

Consider: Harvest Golem, Faerie Dragon, 1 Argent Squire, Dark Iron Dwarf

This deck looks a bit too tough to pull out of early game with. It is not exactly a full control deck bcus you are missing wild pyros, an equality, and maybe abomination. Late game is not the best but you are okay because of 2 avenging wraths. Consider replacing holy light with another guardian of kings to help with late game and protect against mage or rogues
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Pretty much what Echo said. This deck doesn't seem to have the power to pull away with a win after 7/8 turns. Not with the heavy control druids/pally's running around. Also a hunter control/rush would decimate you early game and just milk the late game until your at 0 health.

I would lose twilight, frost elemental, and storm pike for (2) faceless manipulators and wolf riders.
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