Rank 2 Paladin deck Updated

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Using this deck winning approx. 70% of the game at Rank 3.

As you may know, Rank 6 to Rank 3 may be extremely hard. ( 50% warlock deck and druid)

Here is the deck list. Please give me a free win if you meet me in game and using my build xD

I personally hate playing against my deck. ;D

2 Mana cost

Holy Light X 2

hold it or simply use it to stall. Wild Pyromancer + Heal combo cleans

warlock board. Trust me, this card won me 99% the game duo to it's low cost for late game drop

a 8 mana cost and heal. or even turn 9 : 12 heal with Guardian of Kings

Equality X 2

A Must in control paladin deck.

Note: Hold it as long as you can against druid

Wild Pyromancer X 2

try not summon it at turn 2 as a 3/2 minion. Always use it as a combo with your spell/coin

It combos well even with Hammer of Wrath to clean the 4 HP minion at mid-game

Mad Boomer X 2

Testing, for ealy game AOE, specially rank 5 to 1, too many warlock.

3 Mana Cost

Big game Hunter X1

Earthen Ring Farseer X 2

Heal, Heal, and heal

Aldor Peacekeeper X 2

Board control early game

Tinkmaster Overspark X 1

4 Mana

Hammer of Wrath X 2

TureSilver ChampionX 2

Consecration X 2

Defender of ArgusX 1

5 Mana

Faceless Manipulator X 1

Sylvanas Windrunner X 1

6 Mana

Avenging Wrath X 2

7 Mana

Guardian of Kings X 2

8 Mana

Ragnaros the Firelord X 1

Tirion Fordring X1

Lay on Hands X 1

I will update the build, If you have any questions please let me know ;D

Enjoy Paladin
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I have to give up Sword of Justice and Argent protector since it's a stall to win deck
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How do u know what card is getting nerfed?
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aww 72 review no one reply xD
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ah k lol i thought it be waste of dust to craft equality if its going to get nerfed

I thought truesilver champion is core in any paladin deck tho
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Really like the deck, it's very similar to mine. A few questions:

Why run a one of humility instead of two aldor peacekeepers?

Why no lay on hands?

What do you think about cairne bloodhoof to combat druids/mirror?
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Yeah i count only 24 cards wheres the other 6?
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There is only 26 cards in that deck....and your post formatting is awful. Some are bolded, some aren't, big gaps, etc. Makes it a nuisance to read.

List the deck at the beginning to make it clear, and then explain why you used each card.
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12/28/2013 08:31 PMPosted by Prolympic
Why run a one of humility instead of two aldor peacekeepers?

Sorry about the post, it was missing 4 cards

I run 1 humility + 2 Aldor Peacekeeper

I run 1 lay on hands

cairne bloodhoof is great, i don't have it , you can put it in and give it a try. Sylvanas Windrunner is a

better drop mid-game
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12/29/2013 01:37 PMPosted by HokemPokem
List the deck at the beginning to make it clear, and then explain why you used each card.

Sorry about the post

Excuse me, but are you administrator of this Forum ?

I don't like the way you talking to people. it would be better to use " can you " List the deck...
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Talking to "people"? I was talking to you. Specifically about how to format your post better so that people can read it easier.

It was a formatting train wreck and it only had 24 cards. You said it yourself, the thread had over 70 views and no replies because people couldn't be bothered sifting through it.

It makes no difference to me but if you want people to appraise your deck....which you clearly do.....than it's in your own best interest to put a bit of effort into your post.
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12/29/2013 08:18 PMPosted by HokemPokem
It makes no difference to me but if you want people to appraise your deck....which you clearly do.....than it's in your own best interest to put a bit of effort into your post.

again, i don't care what you are saying.

I want to share my deck list just because there are lots of players stuck in rank 10+

I know you are trying to make a good suggestion. But Watch the words you are using.

If you don't like my post, you can simply walk away.

plus i said, "sorry i was playing the game while making this post."

what else do you expect?

And your last part, no one will post their deck list for it. I guess you are talking about what YOU

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Thanks for sharing the deck. I have been wanting to try out a more control Pali deck for my dailies and this fits the bill...and then some!

Quick questions I do not have a Tirion or a Tinkmaster. What would be good alternates? Black Knight? Ysera? Sunwalker?

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u cant really sub for tirion, much to my despair

but ysera is a late game legendary that goes well with control decks, she would be good
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Hokem is kind of right. Although he came off sounding db'ish about it.

A much simpler format like:

card x2
card x1
card x2

would make it much easier to read and assess.
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Which Legendary should be crafted first for this deck?
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Im on Hokems side here. He didnt use any harsh words, but suggest how people can actualy understand/read your deck. I for one spend way to much time trying to figure out what exactly you got in that deck....then I had to get through the rest of the posts to figure out why you made a post of a decent deck, but was missing cards ? Now im commenting this and I am still one card short in the deck. Is my mistake I know.....could simply just read all the posts again ;)
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Sorry for late reply.

Thnkmaster is important if you are rank 7 to 1, you will need a silence or keep Equality in hand in

order to get ride of cards like windrunner, Rag.
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If you really love pally deck.

I would say Tirion Fordring

Otherwise Ragnaros the Firelord/windrunner first then tinkmaster ,because they are good in every single deck.
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