How do YOU counter rush decks?

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As we can see currently like 90% of players run with rush decks, mostly with warlock, mage, paladin and rogue. I'd like to get some deck ideas to counter them.
I already run 2x lightning storm, 2x forked lightning, 2x earthshock, 2x feral spirit (not sure about this one cause it really slows me down), 2xAxe and even 2xWild Pyromancer to counter them, but unfortunately that doesnt seem to be enough. Big taunts are not ok cause you usually dont last long enough to play it (I run 2 tazdingos along with feral spirit), or if you do they will just kill it with 1-2 creatures and your pretty much screwed anyway.

So how do YOU counter rush decks?
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I run for early pure removal:
2x Rockbiter
2x lightning bolt
1x Forked lightning
2x lightning storm
1x Wolves

In addition, for midgame I run:
2x shatter sun clerics (buff a totem and kill a 1 hp guy)
2x hex (not great, but can shut down a murloc warleader)
1x Defender of Argus (I'd run 2, but I only have 1)
1x Tazdingo

You could also consider running a couple earthen farseers (3 hp can make a difference). They're expensive, but Earth elementals will usually shut down a rush at turn 5. I really wish Blizz would add some shaman healing. I frequently live to the later rounds, but have too little health and my opponent will slip in the last 10 damage.
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I hope to draw the right cards in the first two turns.
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Ain't that the truth Ogrumz. Having the right cards for removal in those first two turns really determines if you survive the rush or not.
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Pray that I pull all my lightning cards.

Pray that I can pull a kobold or wrath of air.

Pray that my axe is near the top.

Pray that, if all else fails, I can turtle until I can drop taunts and mulligan for board clear.

And curse the bugger in the meantime.
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Not sure what rank you are and I'm certainly not that highly ranked but I run the same exact cards minus the pryo's for aggro control and I win more than I lose against warlock, rogue, paladin bs. So I would imagine either you are playing it incorrectly or choosing the wrong cards to keep. OR you could purely have the worst luck of anyone, I suppose.
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i'm tired of rush decks - i want to play my good cards not be beaten by a cheap rush deck. smhd
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This is mostly vs warlock rush:

Key cards are all your removals (rockbiter, hex, lightning bolt, earth shock), 1 Storm axe, 2 wolves, 2 three-cost minions (unbound, harvest golem), 2 lightning storm or 1 lightning storm and 1 forked lightning, and lots of taunts: 2 wolves, 2 argus, 1 senjin, 1 sunwalker, 1 al'akir.

To be really sure you can throw in 1 pyro and a second storm forged axe.

Your play style is to mulligan heavily for early removal, storm axe, lightning storm and low cost minions. Try to kill opponents early minions as soon as they come out (before they can be buffed).

But try to *hold* your lightning storm or wolves until turn 4, if you can! Since if you blow your lightning or wolves on turn 3 then the overload will kill you the next turn and your opponent will be able to gain tempo and get away from you.

Whereas if you use lightning or wolves on turn 4, you can also use 3 mana on the next turn (wolves if you used lightning, or vice versa, or a 3 cost minion).

Once you get past the early game, Taunts are important. Your ideal situation is to regain (or almost regain) the board, throw out 2 totems and use argus to turn them into taunts. Then throw out mana totem and try to regain some card advantage (which you would have lost for a while, burning lots of removal cards).

When you get to the late game, watch for the chargers - argent commander and the 5/7 charge demon. Here you'll need a hex in hand, and be ready to throw down a heavy taunt (sunwalker or leeroy) when your health gets into the kill zone (10 or below).

Hope this helps, I used to have *heaps* of trouble beating warlock zoo, but I can beat it nowadays :) :) :)

Mage rush I havent figured out yet (the early rush followed by pyroblast is just too much) and Warrior rush is survivable if you can get down late taunts.
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2x Lightning Storm
2x Earth Shock
2x Rockbiter Weapon
2x Lightning Bolt

If it's a really bad day for it, 2x Argent Squire too.
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I think you've got it right...

You can try to drop big minions like earth elemental but then you'll just get kill command / deadly shot / hunters mark and now you've eaten a massive overload and wasted a turn.

The trick that works for me is to soak damage until I get into a good spot to clear. If your opponent feels they have the upper hand they'll drop their hand, making it much harder for them to recover from a clean sweep.

Thalnos might be a good add for you too, thalnos + totem + lightning storm = 4-5, not much living after that.

EDIT - Some decks you just won't beat without a clutch draw. When you're facing rush mulligan for lightning storm. Drop every card if you have to. Also, I would drop forked lightning for a deathrattle minion that they'll trade for, or you can trade with them.
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I die
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I plop this bad boy down.
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All the common Shaman removals (Hex, Lightning Bolt, Rockbiter, Axe, Earth Shock, Lightning Storm), 2x Sunfury, 1x Def. of Argus, 2x Watcher. If you're having really rough day, 1x Ancestral Healing & 2x Injured Blademaster. Pick rest of the cards according to your taste.

Unless you have terribad luck with card draw, you should have SOMETHING that gets you through early game.
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