Hello, fellow shamans,

I just started playing with this totem lover and I reached rank 9, but and I'm having some problems when I'm up against Hunters. I can't seem to be able to deal with their aggression. This happens on occasion with Rogue, but i feel Rogues are more manageable.

My deck is here:

As for my current strategy, well, I try to drag out the game as much as i can. In my starting hand I'll be looking for the Feral Spirits, the lighting spells, Rockbitter or the Stormforged Axe. Even if I get them, sometimes I feel like I can't just hit their minions with my weapons, since that way my health goes down too quickly.

It's a hassle to keep two units alive so that i could buff them with the Defender of Argus. Also, whenever I gain the tempo, their traps catch me off balance. I'm unable to trade efficiently while keeping my health up or my taunts up if my health is almost gone.

Most games end up very close with the both of us under 10 health, so I'm looking for some small tips regarding ways to improve my deck and my play style.

What do you guys do against aggression coming from Hunters specifically and Rogues as a side-note. Thanks a bunch.