Paladin Rush Deck?

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Is this possible to make with a Paladin? If so what would you guys suggest as cards? I've seen some crazy cool things like Shieldbearer + Blessing of Kings.

Of course getting silenced is a bad thing but yeah it sounds like a cool concept.
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Shield Bearer + Crazed Alchemist is actually a ridiculously good combo. I've been trying out a paladin rush deck myself with a small degree of success (around rank 9 ish). Some of the cards I run that are pretty much the backbone of this deck are:

Silverback Patriarch
Good 1/4 taunt that baits out silences and other control cards early game
Blessing of Wisdom
Good for card draw
Blessing of Might
The +3 really comes in handy at clearing out larger minions if the game drags longer than expected
Eye for an Eye
The damage can really make a difference. I've won several of my games from this card alone.

Anyway, hope this helps, happy 2014!
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01/01/2014 12:01 PMPosted by nujabes
Shield Bearer + Crazed Alchemist is actually a ridiculously good combo.

Im just curious..So hp/att swapping a 0-4 leaves it with 1 hp minimum? Or how does that work
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Swapping 0 attack creatures kills them.
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I've been playing around with Paladin "Rush Decks" and found Divine Favor "Draw cards until you have as many in hand as your opponent." is an almost 100 must to re-fuel your deck later on in games.
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I don't think it has enough punch as locks or shammy rush's. I would think a good cheap pally deck would focus more on buffing minions. I haven't had much luck with pally rush in general.
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You'll probably want to run two swords of justice.
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Even with SOJ which is awesome the "rush" factor still isn't there since a set up with SOJ still takes another turn to start dropping minions then start attacking. Just isn't efficient given the taunt decks that would counter this hard.

War rush is pretty solid compared to the SOJ buff rush deck. Don't get me wrong though SOJ played in a deck with balanced minions is devastating. Turning your 3-4 minions into 4-5s early on hurts bad.
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2x Blessing of Might
2x Noble Sacrifice
2x Abusive Sergeant
2x Argent Squire
2x Leper Gnome
2x Argent Protector
2x Bluegill Warrior
2x Ironbark Owl
2x Knife Juggler
2x Divine Favor
2x Arcane Golem
2x Wolfrider
2x Truesilver Champion
1x Blessing of Kings
1x Leeroy Jenkins
2x Avenging Wrath
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I've got a 83% win rate with my paladin rush deck at rank 12. Should be able to make it to legend at this rate.
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