Looking for good midgame deck, no legendarys

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Ive been playing HS for a few weeks and managed to get a decent collection of rares but I am missing quite a few epics and have no legendaries (besides the ones you get from achievements).

I hate playing rush decks and really like all the buffs that the pally has to offer. Could anyone help me with building a good mid game pally deck with no legendaries? I currently run this:

Leper Gnome x2
Equality x1
Ardent Protector x2
Knife Juggler x1
Novice Engineer x2
Harvest Golem x2
Shattered Sun Cleric x2
True Silver Champion x2
Blessing of Kings x2
Censecration x2
Hammer of Wrath x2
Dark Iron Dwarf x2
Defender of Argus x2
Azure Drake x2
Silverhand Knight x1
Ardent Commander x2
Lay of Hands x1

I only have one knife juggler and one equality, otherwise I would probably have two of each. I'm sitting on 445 dust so I could craft a few more rares if there are any you would suggest me to get.
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Anyone? Any help would be appreciated :-)
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A single avenging wrath would be good. Also, Venture Co. Mercenaries are great, so I would recomend getting a couple of them. And swap out the leper gnome, it is garbage in non-aggro, a worgen infiltrator is a vastly superior 1 drop that you may want to put in your deck. Novice is a little overrated, and swapping it out for some other card draw is probably a good idea, preferably cult master I would say, however loot hoarder or gnomish inventor should work to. Hand of protection is also a decent 1 cost you may want to consider, however it wouldn't be amazing in this deck.

Just my 2 cents.
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I suggest you get more paladin cards. Esp minion ones.

Argent Protector x2
Aldor Peacekeeper x2
Guardian of Kings x1-2
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Just a few suggestions.

1. Craft another equality; the equality/concsecrate combo is one of the best mid-late game clears out there. In fact, later on you might want to think about adding in a couple of wild pyromancers because he combos with equality to clear the board as well.

2. Craft another knife juggler. Also, drop the leper gnome; 2 faerie dragon or dragon/swamp ooze would be better here.

3. Craft 2 Peackeepers. Great ability and is 3/3.

4. Right now you have 12 cards at the 4 slot. I would drop 2 BoK and maybe even the Dwarves (not sure though on this one because it is a great common, though Argus is better for this deck) so you can put more cards in the 5-7 slot because if a game is going your way its gonna go into the latter turns for sure. Another Silver Hand Knight and a Guardian of Kings would be good places to start.

5. Although I recognize your post says no legendaries, you will eventually want Sylvanas along with either Tirion or Ragnaros to round out the deck. Also, epics to consider would be 1-2 Avenging Wrath and 1 Sword of Justice.
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I've been getting a lot of mileage out of this deck.


You could possibly tweak this by switching the Shieldmasta for Argus if you want the extra taunt but it's situational.
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Some other cards to consider:

- Abomination for another board clear until you get another Equalize and/or Pyromancer,
- Redemption to bring back Harvest Golems/Aboms/Pyros/Commanders etc.
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