What to craft next?

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I have 250 dusts right now and several options.

- Lightning Storm - have one, so I could craft a second

- Lava Burst - have one, but I don't think many people run with two

- Defender of Argus - have one, could craft a second

- Wild Pyromancers - haven't gotten any, so I could craft two

- Earth Elemental - could save to craft one or two

I don't have Doomhammer, but I don't know if it would fit in my current deck. I have 2 x earthshock/lighting bolt/forked lightning/wolves/stormforged axe, and 1 mana tide (don't think I need more than one right now). Open to suggestions regarding neutral minions.

I'm inclined to do 2 x Wild Pyromancer now, then a second Lightning Storm and then save for Earth Elemental. I might buy some new packs soonish, but I'm not holding my breath that I'll get what I need.
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I'm more or less in the same situation as you. From what I see browsing decks and streams, many put a Wild Pyromancer in their decks (I guess mostly against rush decks). Earth Elementals are always good while Doomhammer does a wonderful 10 damage in a single turn with a Rockbiter Weapon. Never saw anyone with more than one Lava Burst and very rarely you can see two Defenders of Argus.

If I was you, I would keep my dust until I buy those packs that you mentioned. Then prioritize one or two Earth Elementals and a single Doomhammer.

I am no pro but this is my opinion. I hope I helped a little.
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Definitely craft 2 earth elementals then the last storm. Proper play with these bad boys will win you games... Think about creating 1 faceless manipulator and maybe a big game hunter because everyone and their momma has a ragnaros nowadays and especially high up the rank you'll get rocked if you don't have hex. Unless you have your own ragnaros, ysera, or sylvannis and have no room. Bloodmage thalnos nice to have if you get lucky and get one.

2 or at least azure drake is good. At least 1 unbound to take advantage of the overload..it also acts as taunt because people freak out and want to remove it. I threw in 1 ancient mage for testing it can be quite useful if you get the 2 adjacent spell damage minions for a huge storm,bolt and lava damage...if you get the spellpower totem or even the azure drake lawl.
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I ended up crafting the Pyromancers for now because I'm toying with a few other decks and I can use them in those as well. I hate the fact that there are many class dailies, since I'd rather just play shaman. I'm definitely saving for Earth Elementals next, though - should be able to craft one next purchase after culling some of the useless cards I was keeping in case they got buffed.

I do have a Faceless Manipulator and used it for a while, so I'll probably reintroduce it after reset, as I'll have a whole month to climb this time and I'll probably reach a point where it will be useful again.

I also have 1 azure drake and 2 unbound elementals (kind of funny, but I think I got 7 of those so far).

In terms of legendaries, yah, Rag and Ysera are on my list, and I figure that with modest monthly purchases, I should be able to at least get the dusts if not the actual cards. I have Hogger, Black Knight, and Ony right now. Black Knight I use consistently. Hogger can be pretty useful, between the small taunt and the poly bait, but it's not something I plan to use down the line. Ony can be hilarious with Bloodlust, but I find her too risky so I'm not using her at the moment.

Thank you for all the advice. I've found some good info on this forum and I hope that once I finish tweaking my deck and experimenting, I can post my results and maybe help others in turn.
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