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So, I have made quite a few decks but most have been getting ripped by the current meta. I started experimenting with decks to find a combo that would give me early staying power with board clearing ability to take care of agro decks, but also be able to finish once entering the late stages of the game.

Here is my list of cards, and I will go into further explanation for each pick and why it applies to my build. If you don't have some of these cards maybe my explanation as to why it is in the deck will allow you to replace it with suitable cards. Oh and this deck is heavy in Legendary cards and some may be hard to replace.

Non Legendary Cards

Innervate x2

Claw x2

Wrath x2

Novice Engineer x2

Wild Pyromancer x2

Healing Touch x2

Harvest Golem x2

Swipe x2

Keeper of the Grove x2

Starfall x2

Druid of the Claw x2

Ancient of Lore x2

Legendary Cards

Tinkmaster Overspark

Sylvanas Windrunner


The Black Knight



Card Explanation

Innervate x2 - Many consider this card a waste but I have always found use for it. This deck has plenty card draw to where even if you draw this late it will still have staying power. There have been instances where I have drawn innervate and could not play it, but there have also been instances where I coined doubled innervated Cenarius out on turn 4.. GG

Claw x2 - Love this spell it works well with Pyro. Being able to pyro claw on turn 3 is a solid combo against those pesky Murlocs..

Wrath x2 - Great spell... 3 damage to remove a threat or use the 1 damage and draw a card.. Again this works well with pyro

Novice Engineer x2 - it's all about the card draw. A solid card in a ton of decks

Wild Pyromancer x2 - He is in here to slow down aggro decks. The number of combos you can use to clear the board are nice.. He is the utility man in this deck and he is irreplaceable.

Healing Touch x2 - This spell got put in for 1 class but it has been great for me overall. If you chose to remove Healing touch then chalk up losing to mages 80% of the time.. This deck is built to go late and by the time late game arrives you will be scratching to use Ancient of Lore to grab hp when you could have popped this handy heal and continue laying down minions to finish the game.

Harvest Golem x2 - My favorite 3 drop... Uhhh who doesn't use him

Swipe x2 - Class defining spell? It's great, oh and pyro makes it that much better

Keeper of the Grove x2 - I know I have said every card is awesome but really this card is awesome... It always seems to do what you want.. Every druid deck includes him

Starfall x2 - A solid board wipe, but I mulligan it for other cards. Don't fret against the zerg you will draw this moonlit doom in time.

Druid of the Claw x2 - Solid card that slows thing down and forces your opponent to chew through some meat. You can also use the charge feature to finish a creature or hero.

Ancient of Lore x2 - Good card.. I mostly use the card draw option because it's far superior but if in a pinch pop the heal. Healing touch also allows you to have an option when it regards this guy vs relying on his heals.

Tinkmaster Overspark - Do you feel lucky? Nah this card isn't about the luck. Sure it is great to get the Squirrel, but I use this guy as my legendary Neutralizer.. Sylvanas, Rag, Yserra... Or a 9/9 taunted giant.. He is useful but not a must. I think this guy allows you to compete better once into the rank 6+ range where you find everyone with some scary legandry

Sylvanas Windrunner - She is awesome. Great card even when played on a open board you force people to kill her now. If timed correctly she is brutal to deal with.

Hogger - Maybe this is the first Legendary that could go, and I may scratch him for Cairne. However, I have found a use for him. He can be played in many situations and if you have a taunt already on the board he may just finish the game.

The Black Knight - If you want to really compete with the big boys then this guy is a must. Dropping a 4/5 on the board while simultaneously taking out any number of massive taunts is game changing.

Ragnaros - Is not necessary in this deck but he is a finisher and a solid one at that.

Cenarius - Can save your butt or win games early through innervate. A 5/8 hiding behind 2 2/2 taunts is solid, and more often than not it will probably be you hiding behind those taunts not our horse/man friend.

Like any other deck I tweak it here and there. The biggest tweak and probably question that is going to be asked is where is Ancient of War. The answer is Black Knight... I have lost numerous games due to my 7 mana cost card getting wiped by a 4/5 who is still sitting on the board. 10/5 is also not worth the 7 mana due to how easy it is to kill.

Finally I find I can beat any deck except maybe a priest... Priests give this deck serious problems.. They are beatable but you have to be able to get control early and have enough board control to where you can withstand the late Mind Controls/Shadow word death. Auchenei + Circle of healing... yeah 4 mana cost kill everything (I know and yes I am butt hurt).

Please ask any questions i'll try and help, and in the end I hope some guys pull some ideas from the deck and are able to build something that works for them.

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What rank are you on with this deck?
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I would go down to 1 pyromancer and 1 healing touch because those are situational drops.. Cenarious is personal taste , I would rather take an ancient of war for dedicated taunt that has to be hard disabled.i like caine over hogger because 9/10 he will get more Value.

This is very similar to my current deck and the changes I'm suggesting are just what I've found through playtesting or personal taste.

To give you a good idea of mine vs yours :-2 pyro,-1healing,-1cenarious,-1hogger,+1carine,+1 big game hunter,+2 ancients of war,+1 ysera and you have my current deck.

Currently I'm floating around rank 3 with my deck, might be changing some cards in it later though.

Hope that helps.
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Currently Rank 4... I've been up to rank 2 and have since messed with other decks waiting on the wipe.. Haven't had the luck/time to grind out a Legendary rank.

Kyhme I like the comment cause it's a good deck with a slightly different flavor. I am thinking of keeping Hogger and dropping Rag for Cairne.. Rag sits in my hand alot. I also just don't have Ysera so I built a deck without her. I would say from my personal play I think 2 pyros are a must. However, I have flirted with the idea of going -1 healing touch +1 Ancient of War.

Also this was a basic post for this druid. I make slight changes daily depending on what I feel the build is lacking and also what I seem to be playing alot of.
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I'm probably gonna put at least one pyro back in, they came out after like 4 Druid v Druid games the other day and I was like this is useless. I liked 2 healing touches but what I've kinda found is that while one can definetly save you and having two in your deck increases your chance of pulling 1 when you need it, having 2 clutters the deck and generally if you need to pop a second healing touch you aren't in a position to win the game; to be mathamatic I estimate in games where healing touch came into play I won 1/2 the ones where I popped one and 1/4 of the games I had to pop a second.

Rag tends to sit in the hand a ton and from I've played recently, my opponents will straight out refuse to drop him until I drop mine, so I wait for my big game hunter to play mine. So I would say that taking rag out isn't totally unwarranted since our decks have a few different nuances and mechanics.

Feel free to add me Khymera#1942 to share thoughts by the way, always like to talk to more people that are around my rating, especially Druids.
Edited by Khymera on 1/3/2014 11:02 AM PST
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Sure thing added ya. I thought about also pulling Healing Touch and putting in Loot Hoarder.. I'm gonna keep toying with it, but atm I am trying pirate decks and what not before the wipe... They suck
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