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Hey fellas,

im playing hearthstone...well i would say 7-8 days now and im completly impressed by that game. I know the basics of trading card games so its not completly new to me.
Now to my question.
I went to the arena, after finishing it i just draw lord jaraxus in one of the boosterpacks. I decided to play warlock and try to build a deck arround jaraxxus but its pretty hard for me. After checking some forum posts here, most of the guys playing him only with superlate stuff like alexztraza or molten not having them so im trying to build a deck which is "cheap" and also viable. Atm im on rank 15 playing a bit arround. my current lock deck also wins more than it loses.
i played an very offensive deck with many 1/2/3 drops and some murlocs...quiet funny but not my thing. I like the controle style more, but still not sure how to deal with it and which cards i should aim for. I got the basic warlock cards and crafted some flame/bloodimps.
Ofc u got no clue which cards i got and which i dont. Generally im just looking for some decent decks, which are viable for warlock including jaraxxus. I really enjoy playing warlock but im tired of murlock decks where jaraxxus most of the time isnt viable..simply cause i finish guys in turn 5-8 :o

Maybe u can give me some good tipps and advices. I also got some good neutrals like argentum commander or stuff like that, thats not a big deal. But atm i dont have any arcane dust to craft new stuff so it would be great if u try focussing on the basic cards and some cards whhich u can easily craft.

Best regards
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Without late game stuff like Giants or Twisted nether it's very hard to play Jaraxxus without risking to get rushed down in the same turn.

Cause of the current aggro meta you have to play with strong taunts, heals and spells to get Jaraxxus out safety.

Blood- and Flameimps aren't very strong in an Control deck in my opinion.

Im currently rank 3 but I wouldn't recommend to play with Jaraxxus if you dont have the right cards to protect him
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would u mind to show me ur deck ? would be awesome :)
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I put together a bog-standard Beef Stew deck. Swapped out Soulfire for Jaraxxus. Holy hell he's amazing - he comes out right when murlocs run totally out of steam and if you have enough crap left on the board to transition into him he gives the deck a real late-game option.

You get back up to 15 health after you've about lifetapped yourself to death, he has a weapon, he has infernals, and you're still spamming murlocs. It's really surprisingly sturdy against late-game control decks provided you can pull through the transition.
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hmm ye...that was my thought too..ur deck looks pretty funny..murlocks everyhwere :D dont have so much :/

ill try this out if i have enough dust i think.

Hows ladder with this deck? which rank u already achived?
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i love how people call murloc agro beef stew, makes me feel like im cooking them when i cast hellfire and wipe the board lol.
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12/28/2013 04:51 AMPosted by bstylez
Hows ladder with this deck? which rank u already achived?

Just came back after a month-long break a few days ago. People started figuring out how to play around rank 15... I'm rank 10 right now, still moving up albeit more slowly. I was 1-star Master with my old aggro deck back in November :D.
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