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Shaman's hero power is in a weird place right now. The healing totem pre nerf is a perfect example as it was too weak to demand taking it out on the first turn but too strong to warrant letting it stay. Now that it is nerfed, its ability to heal is useless since it is not consistent with the low health points of minions that synergize with the shaman playstyle. I think that the point of the shaman totems are to embody the strengths of all classes (in a jack of all trades but master of one type deal). As such, I think the totems should be more reflective of this.
To rectify this, I think the effects should be as followed:
wrath of air totem - +1 spell damage
healing totem - at the START of your turn heal all friendly champions for 1
searing totem - at the START of your turn deal 1 damage to a random enemy champion
stoneclaw totem - taunt

- Or some variant of this. The reason being is that shaman totems should have the potential to give more advantage over time to make up for their lack of immediate advantage. Also because the totems generally do not have an attack point and are basically sitting duck. In addition, the weakness of totems (mass destruction) is also in line with the weakness of the shaman deck as a whole and thus makes a good solution to make the deck more consistent with its purpose. The shaman deck has an underwhelming group of minions with which to work with. It doesn't make sense to have the totems so underpowered.

Hearthstone captures the essence of World of Warcraft very well. Unfortunately it seems as though it is also adapting its problems a little too early. I hope the feedback Blizzard gets from hearthstone will go towards fixing WoW.
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Searing totem def needs work. Always thought it should have a ranged attack ability to it. Sometimg like a mages hero power. 1 damage.

Would like to see an attack power totem. Have it 0/2 and gives 1 attack power to minions adjacent to it.

Leave healing at the end of the turn. It works better that way imho. Let it heal the shaman too.
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I've always liked the idea of Searing Totem having a targetable fireball attack but you'd have to be careful. If it was designed to strike a random opponent that could lead to massive drawbacks if it strikes an enrage creature or Acolyte of Pain.

I would like to be able to choose the target as this could be great offensively and also help with triggering wanted enrages. Problem standing if Searing got that much attention the hero ability as a whole would become overpowered I feel.
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What about making Searing Totem a 1/1 that's Immune when it is attacking? So that if it's not killed it gets to trade positively.

On the other hand, that might be too strong.
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I actually prefer having it heal at the end of my turn as it gives me options to clear the board and put my minions out of clearing range with favourable trades. I don't really see the problem with any of the totems atm since 1/1 searing is pretty much the same as paladin hero power.
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