Is my deck any good?

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I would like some help with my deck because mainly i'm fine but the priests always get me :( could anyone improve it?

2x Blessing of Might
2x Hand of Protection
1x Humility
1x Argent Protector
1x Bloodfen Raptor
2x Faerie Dragon
2x Novice Engineer
1x Shattered Sun Cleric
2x Truesilver Champion
2x Blessing of Kings
2x Consecration
2x Hammer of Wrath
1x Chillwind Yeti
1x Dark Iron Dwarf
1x Defender of Argus
2x Senjin Shieldmasta
1x Spellbreaker
1x Darkscale Healer
1x Lord of the Arena
1x Guardian of Kings
1x Stormwind Champion

The idea of this deck is board control. Thanks for the help guys!
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Off the top of my head, I would say consider reducing the number of one copy cards. You really don't have the card draw to support it. I would also remove the raptor since without running a beast deck there is no reason to use him over superior two drops (knife juggler, ooze).
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To say the least this is not really board control. When talking about pally board control, usually people are speaking of decks with equality, aldor peacekeeper, (maybe) avenging wraths, wild pyromancers, and (maybe) abominatio AKA mass removal cards.

You should consider removing hand of protection and adding scarlet crusader if you really like divine shields. It is simpler to just have a divine shield creature as opposed to 2 cards for divine shield. Blessing of might is not that good. It lets you trade up your hero power but usually your 1/1 just die anyway.

If you don't have a lot of cards... add another yeti, guardian of kings, and replace lord of arena or the darkscale with a boulderfist golem.
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Perhaps he's in the same situation as I am; i.e. he's new to the game and doesn't even have most of the "expert" common cards yet, let alone rares etc.

I just started playing a few days ago and I can tell you it's plenty frustrating to have opponents "of your skill", (by that I don't know exactly what they mean), dropping rares and epics all over the dang place. I still beat most of em.. but it's tough when you only have access to a handful of "expert" cards.
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thx guys. ill take these on board and change it if you want me to post the new deck just reply
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