Mage OP?


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06/18/2014 08:51 AMPosted by RileyCoyote
MAGE IS OP. There are no other Hero's that have an equal amount/equally powerful set of removal cards accessible without extensive play or paying cash. Unless you purchase with real money some decks for your heroes to build a deck that can nerf mage, you will lose almost every time guaranteed no matter how skilled a player you are, especially when all you have at your disposal are starting common cards. The only people who do not agree with this are people who use Mage themselves and benefit from her cheap !@# removal cards. I wish there was an option to opt out of playing against any mages at all when playing ranked because I cannot tell you how many times I've lost a game to a mage in ranked in only like 7-10 because of Polymorph, Arcane Missiles, Fireball, Frostbolt, Flamestrike, and Pyroblast.

So what? You need open "few" packs to get a good deck anyways.
Also Zoo almost always beats your averge rank 20 mage. Zoo is a pretty cheap,only few rares and commons
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Mages are freaking op they need nerf !
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