here's what i'm running with for now...

ancestral healing
earth shock
forked lightning
rockbiter weapon (2)
stormforged axe (2)
faerie dragon (2)
flametongue totem (2)
loot hoarder
feral spirit (2)
hex (2)
lightning storm
mana tide totem
shattered sun cleric (2)
chillwind yeti (2)
azure drake
frostwolf warlord
fire elemental (2)
the black knight
stormwind champion
mountain giant

i just crafted an earth shock and mana tide totem today. i will probably replace loot hoarder with a second mana tide totem. any thoughts on the warlord, giant, or stormwind champ? they have all won me games but i'm not married to any of them. i'm thinking about replacing one or two with sunwalkers.