Hi, I just get the beta last week and couldn't !@#$ing stop playing at least 3 arena per day (luckily it's holiday now). And I would like to share the card i choose.

1 cost
1 soul fire
1 power overwhelming
1 argent squire
2 flame imp
1 void walker
1 voodoo doctor
2 Cost
1 demon fire
1 acidic swamp ooze
1 bloodfen raptor
1 faerie dragon
2 knife juggler
1 loot hoarder
1 murloc tidehunter
3 Cost
1 drain life
1 shadow bolt
1 demolisher
1 harvest golem
1 iron forge rifleman
4 cost
1 chillwind yeti
2 pit lord
1 violet teacher
5 Cost
1 doom guard
1 stranglethorn tiger
6 cost
1 frost elemental
1 siphon soul
7 cost
1 storm wind champion

There is a card I forget what it is.
The deck can be played as very aggressive if you get coin with Flame imp, void walker and demon fire.
or mid-late game which most of the time the overwhelming prove so useful with the stealth tiger and doom guard.
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