"Murloc Warlocks are overpowered and need nerfs" - My Friend

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Most AOE cost 4 or 5, we have equal chance that I can draw a bump before you play a AOE.

Well, Murloc deck was as well as before, but still giving overall more than 52% winning rate.
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As soon as you get to level 15 or higher, it's almost all Warlocks. I believe they are op. The initial rush they can do (especially with coin), can take your health down to 12 by round 4. Even if you have a board clearer at that point, it's their turn again and then they have tons of cards with charge to easily finish you off.

You could build a deck specifically to counter this, the problem is that it would suck against everything else. I wish you could see who you were playing, then choose your deck. I think this would bring a lot more skill to hearthstone, and less luck.
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01/01/2014 01:59 PMPosted by Razergore
Whatever. Every game I play in the high ranks is against murlock/rogue/mage. Clearly there are balance issues and if you dont think so you are being an ignorant homer. What is even worse is people like OP who defend one of the decks while demanding the others are op. If you wanna play murlock, go nuts. But take your losses like a man for playing such a mindless deck that people just copy and paste from others.

You do realize that there will always be popular decks, right...? If it's not Murlocs than it will be Druids, if not Druids than Shamans, if not Shamans than Warriors, etc. It's a never ending cycle because there's this thing called the meta game, which will never go away. So saying a deck is OP because it's popular is a dumb statement and flawed logic.
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Murlocs are diguised imps and they are planning to take over Azeroth!!

GOOD IDEA FOR WOW EXPANSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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