need advice on my deck

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Hey all,

So far got my mage deck all ready to go got enough dust for a legendary but not sure what one to get was thinking bloodmage but i feel i handle early game fairly well and for a 1v1 most hero powers can knock him off even combining it with a fireball don't seem that great seeing as few other cards already have +spell power and draw card. Thinking lady sylvanas for bit more board control for mid stage can be quite handy but also usless. last few i was thinking of was illidan for amount of spells i cast would be a good idea for extra board control, alexstraza so i can finish enemies of with a couple fire balls or pyroblast or the one im thinking about the most is archmage antonidas waste a few low lvl spells i can have 2-3 fireballs in my hand before they kill him.

Any advice would be great!

This is my deck:

Arcane Missiles x 2
Mirror image x 1
Mana wyrm x 2
Frostbolt x 2
Kobold Geomancer x 2
Novice Engineer x 2
Sorcerers Apprentice x 1
Arcane Intellect x 2
Counterspell x 1
Cone of Cold x 2
Fireball x 2
Polymorph x 2
Orge Mahi x 1
Azure Drake x 2
Blizzard x 2
Flamestrike x 2
Pyroblast x 1
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I have Alexstraza and she's great for control decks, but if you're playing aggro than she's not as valuable. If you're heavy into aggro than I would recommend Rag. If you want something in between aggro and control than I would say go Antonidas. I think bloodmage and Slyvannus are just extra gravy on top after Rag and Antonidas.

My disclaimer: I only play Alexstraza out of the cards mentioned above, so my advice is from my experience against other players and seeing what people are playing in the higher tiers.
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