Shaman's sustain ability.

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As most of us know from WoW, Shamans have the ability to heal. At the current patch of Hearthstone, Shamans have no self healing, even the minion "healing" they have is not enough (and viable). They used to have some kind of self healing through the healing totem but is was too strong and they nerfed it.

So what I'm suggesting is to change ancestral healing and even totemic might (let's face it,this card sucks) for a minion/spell that can heal your hero or even characters or maybe make healing totem as it used to be even though it was too strong.You could say "Just add the neutral minions that can heal" but were are talking about the healing of the class and also shamans have a lot of better cards to replace those minion,I only find earthen ring farseer viable in a shaman deck.

The current meta is all about aggro and a deck that's not fast enough or have a lot of healing/shielding can't beat those decks. (taunt can't help you very much cause of silences/removal/mage aggro)

We also know that team 5 wants to have a health meta that's changing,they are even going to do that "adventures" thing they said at BlizzCon so they could help that change happen,but in my opinion they need to balance the classes and remove the useless cards from the with some others,besides "adventures" won't change the tournament meta.So if they want to have an evolving meta they need to add options and answers to some classes in order to "break" the meta and I'm not talking only about shaman's lack of healing,warriors and some other classes have some issues as well.

That was my suggestion and my reasoning behind it, any feedback is welcome.
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I was also wondering why we lack any real healing spells besides an rng totem summon which only heals minions. Maybe something like healing rain? 1 ,mana, heals all friendly minions for 1? Or Earthshield, 1/2 mana, attacking this minion will cause it to gain 3 health. These might not be viable/strong cards but surely Blizzard can take a look at our many healing spells in WoW and make some fun/usable cards from that.
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I fail to understand how the healing totem could be any worse than the healing abilities already available in Hearthstone to other classes . . .
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12/29/2013 07:01 PMPosted by Jekadal
fail to understand how the healing totem could be any worse than the healing abilities already available in Hearthstone to other classes . . .

It used to affect the hero. But of course it was removed because 1hp healing to the hero was OP. /sarcasm.
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Reverting Healing Stream Totem to heal the hero as well would be amazing. :)
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Yeah healing totem needs to get reverted back to its older incarnation that would heal Thrall.

I think it got nerfed because at the time(I can't recall why) but Shaman was showing up a lot in top 4.

But yeah, we need Healy Totes.

Er, something...
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