Advice against Warlock Giant Deck?

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How are ya'll coping? Ever since Veev started running it I have been seeing more of this deck floating around. I hover around Rank 10. I run the standard Legendaries deck with Ysera, Sylvannas, and Ragnaros.

I've tried rushing with early cards and that just ended up feeding into a Molten Giant when I didn't draw enough to deal with it.

Turtling passively and drawing cards didn't seem to work as well either, with Mountain Giants coming into play and Twilight Drakes. I've been holding my silences for potentially Rag/Sunwarden/big Taunts. There didn't seem to be enough removals to cope with those big-boy cards.

I'm debating picking up The Black Knight for another type of removal. Possibly run that removal that gives opponent 2 mana? It seems like him drawing anyway is a foregone conclusion, so it may not be a bad idea.

Is it just going to come down to Turn 4-Turn 6 smart trading making or breaking the game?

Feedback appreciated please.
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You have to be lucky that he wastes/is forced to use siphon soul, Hellfire, The 4 dmg nukes etc. on your druids of the claw, keepers and other midgame minions. If he can play around your midgame and siphon your Ancients your'e basically done, since you have a hard time to bring him down to 0 life before turn9 and jaraxxus turns the game.

Black Knight is nice to at least finish off 1 of his 4 giants, because he will most likely always taunt them to be safe from a possible lethal next turn.

I think those kind of games are decided by 90% based on pure carddraw/topdecking by the Warlock. If he cant get rid of your midgame you win, if he can wipe the board early a few times without using his siphon souls etc. he wins. There is of course always the option that you own midgame, and he still drops the giants in your face and you dont draw Blackknight/BGH/tinkmaster.

Druid seems to be too lategame heavy to trade well vs. LockControl
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1-2 Big Game Hunters are also very useful against the various giant decks, ragnaros, and ironbark protectors. Other then that, the above highlighted it well.
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so u need like black knifht, bgh, neutralize and tinker overspark
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In a rank grinding meta where you need to be able to handle a wide variety of decks 2 Big Game Hunters are pretty much staple for Druid. They have no other way of removing big 8/8s.
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