Help with deck at r15

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This is my current deck, I manage to hit r14 but then just drop back down to 15 just played a priest that managed to get 20/20 on a taunt on the 6th round. Im not sure if its my play style I hold back the spells pretty much so we get into late game but Im usually on 15ish health by round 5+

2 Mana - 7 Cards
Equality x 2
Acidic Swap Ooze
Argent Protector x 2
Faerie Dragon x 2

3 Mana - 10 Cards
Sword of Justice x 2
Divine Favor
Aldor Peacekeeper x 2
Harvest Golem
Imp Master
Scarlet Crusader x 2
Shattered Sun Cleric

4 Mana - 9 Cards
Truesilver Champion x 2
Blessing of Kings x 2
Concentration x 2
Defender of Argus x 2

5 Mana - 2 Cards
Faceless Manipulator x 2

6 Mana - 1 Card
Avenging Wrath

7 Mana - 1 Card
Tirion Fordring
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This deck looks fine, if anything I would add knife jugglers and maybe stampeding kodo/kabal shadow priest. Also worgen infiltrators should strengthen your early game and raging worgens should strengthen your mid game.
My current deck is this and it's on like a 10 game streak at rank 12.

1 Cost:
2x Hand of Protection
2x Worgen Infiltrator

2 Cost:
1x Equality
2x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2x Argent Protector
1x Faerie Dragon
1x Knife Juggler
1x Mad Bomber
1x Novice Engineeer

3 Cost:
2x Jungle Panther
2x Raging Worgen
2x Shattered Sun Cleric
2x Truesilver Champion
2x Consecretion
2x Defender of Argus
2x Sen'jin Shielmasta

5 Cost:
2x Venture Co. Mercenary

7+ Cost:
1x Tirion Fordring
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