Cheat Death card idea?

Rogue Secret - Cheat Death, 1 Mana, Secret: Damage that would otherwise defeat your hero is reduced to leave hero with 1 remaining health and immune until your turn.

What do you guys think?
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Pretty similar to the Mages secret; Ice Block. I guess it would work with a Rogue but it is an insanely powerful mechanic that people already !@#$% about in the mages forum as it is.
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It is not much of a secret if it is the only rogue secret. Paladins have 4, Hunters have 5 and Mages have 6 secrets. They would have to remake other rogue cards into secrets which honestly could be done because we have a lot of cards that are barely ever used (like all of the epics /cry)

This idea is also very similar to ice block accept it is worse if it reduces you to 1 health instead of freezing your health at whatever it was before the would be lethal hit.
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Compared to cheat death in wow it can absorb damage that will kill you once. No immune until rogue's turn.
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@ Akayno - That is the idea. Give something similar to the rogue, but less powerful since most rogue cards are great for melee. A secret could also be done for Smoke Bomb (Give a character (minion or hero) a Smoke Bomb, when targeted by damage to 'dodge' the attack and all characters remain untargetted until your turn.), there are countless of other "secret" possibilities. In Warcraft, rogues are known to use tricks to stay alive in battle, this reinforces this in Hearthstone.

@ Leytu - Without the immunity, the rogue will fall if the opponent has another card because he will remain with 1 health, which defeats the purpose of cheating the opponent out of his win. Your minions however will not be immune, they can die. It is a strategy that guarantees you at least 1 more turn and requires the rogue to make sure he can defeat his opponent on that turn, or will fall. Unless of course you can heal your rogue somehow, which most rogue decks have very little healing. If your Opponent however, has a silence, the immunity can be silenced. Which would make it fair for some other deck types.

@ LED - If all other classes had a similar ability, or a rebuttal, the ability will not be overpowered at all. The immunity once used can be silenced as it is an "effect" on the play field. The Mage secret for Ice Block, is a very different mechanic that can not be silenced, and 'freezes' the Mage hero to 'x' health, while the Cheat Death would freeze the Rogue hero at 1. The rogue wold need to think quickly next turn for sure. If a rogue has 5 health and gets hit for 6 damage, 2 damage is 'absorbed' and the Rogue gains immunity from physical, or magic damage only.
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to Kojiro27745
Imagine the situation where you have 10hp vs mage, the board is full of your minions standing in nova and mage uses pyro. If cheatdeath is on it absorbs this 10 damage but the next damage ability this turn won't be absorbed.
So the best choice for mage in match like this is to use pyro while rogue has 11 HP and then trigger cheatdeath with fireblast, for example.
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I see what you are saying, absolutely. In the same sense te rogue could have 5 hp, get damaged by fireball, trigger the cheat death, and then get attacked 6 by a minion and still die.It defeats the purpose of the original cheat death mechanic. In WOW, cheat death is "An attack that would otherwise be fatal will instead reduce you to no less than 10% of your maximum health, and damage taken will be reduced by 85% for 3 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once per 90 seconds".

the idea for this card is to take the "10%" and convert that to 1 HP for Hearthstone. Also remove the 85% absorbed for 3 seconds and instead trading it to do a similar mechanic in Hearthstone by allowing the rogue to have an immunity until start of next turn. That's the best comparison to translate the same logic from WOW to Hearthstone.

It could be 10% of hero max HP (30) which is 3 HP, but then that makes it overpowered in that the rogue can still maintain a good chance of survival after it's next turn. the Cheat Death idea in Hearthstone should give you ONE more turn, to give a 'last chance', not chance a risk of 'being undefeated'. Not to mention, 2 of these cards can be in your deck total, what if you have used one, were attacked by 2 points and then use it again? You'd be restored back to 3 HP and would act as a heal. Not the idea that would work from WOW to Hearthstone effectively.

You could also take the 85% damage reduction for 3 seconds into causing your next 3 damage points taken reduced to 1 damage after having 3 HP and maybe the same logic could apply there, but you could still have the same healing logic. You also then make the card too confusing to understand.

You could even have it absorb the next attack too, but then it's not "Cheating Death", it's effectively more like a "3 strikes your out". I don't feel that is necessary.

That is why I chose to make it an immunity, triggered after your opponent deals a fatal blow, and any damage taken during your opponents turn is not going to be fatal, but can be dispelled (silenced) to still allow your opponent to win, should they have gotten lucky. It is STILL something that can be reversed if a player has a good strategy in skill for preparing a good deck, and saving the silence for the 'right' moment, but leaving this a secret to keep players from realizing they should not have spent their silences already. After the rogue has his turn, my idea is that the rogue LOSES immunity, and will have 1 hit point (which will keep from playing any cards that could damage it). The Rogue player would know "I have to strike now, to either kill opponent minions and hope there is no charges in opponent deck, or deal enough damage to give my opponent the fatal blow now". The rogue will still, in most cases, die, but it gives them ONE LAST CHANCE!

I really appreciate all of your opinions and interest though, I plan on making many new fan-based cards for this game. Who knows, maybe Blizzard will actually see one and go 'that'snot a bad idea, we can add something like that'.
Edited by Kojiro27745 on 12/25/2013 9:08 AM PST
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I doubt blizzard is going to do much with cards at this point. New cards would come in an xpac. I doubt they will completely reword any cards at this time, to hard to balance. At best they are going to slightly buff and nerf already existing cards which is a shame because of how bad/unusable so many warlock and rogue cards are at the moment.
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That's sad, there are so many FAMOUS skills from WoW missing in Hearthstone ):
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