My dilemma with Druid

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Hello, i have been playing this game for a month or so. So far, i have gotten 2 (3) legendary cards. Nat Pegle, Cenarius, and Gelben Mekkatorque(Gold). One of the main prbolems i see with druid is that there isnt a lot of synergy between the cards. I mean sure there are there ones that give your minions +1/1 , but other then that there isnt much.

My problem is that i have opened about 20 packs, and i have gotten many druid cards. (including Ancient of lore, and Cenarius.) Can people tell me a good kind of druid deck, thx!
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Irex look at some of the decks in the Druid forums you will find many gems. The synergy is to survive til late game and playing large drops with Innervate and WIld Growth. Druid also has some of the best Taunts in the game bar none.

The main dilemma facing druids is the cost at which to make an efficient deck since plenty of their cards are rare. Given that you can still make a competitive deck without breaking the bank.

Sample deck would be:

Innervate x2
Claw x2
Wrath x2
Nat Pagle
Novice Engineer x2
Fairy Dragon x2
Healing Touch
Shattered Suncleric x2
Harvest Golem x2
Swipe x2
Spellbreaker x2
Chillwind Yeti x2
Druid of the Claw x2
Starfire x2
Gelben Mekkatorque
Ancient of Lore
Ironbark Protector

Here is a deck using only commons and the nice Legs and druid cards you pulled. If you want a bit more end game put in another Ironbark Protector and take out a Novice Engineer since you already have a Nat in there. Also if you feel that you can't handle some late game legenday like Ysera or Rag but in an Naturalize, let them draw 2 cards as long as their leg is removed from the field of play.

If you feel that your being rushed down to quickly you can put in 2 moonfire's for some quick and dirty cheap early game removal and play a second healing touch to get you another turn or 2. Another option would be to play 2 mark of the wild's to pump your early guys and give them taunt to stem the early rush.

Cheers & GL,

EDIT: Win a few games, complete a few dailies, pick up some packs and strengthen your deck. Also if you intend on crafting I would recommend you prioritize crafting Wrath, Faries & Harvest Golem since they are your first line of defense/offense. Also Faires and Golems are staples in many other decks as well. But if you don't mind substituting these cards for others while you win more packs you can save that precious dust on crafting rares instead of commons.
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Ok, thank you Captain Carl, i will try this. :)
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Druids have insane synergy, if you believe otherwise then you are playing them wrong.
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12/30/2013 12:27 PMPosted by CaptainCarl
mark of the wild's

Ok, firstly, why is there an apostrophe there? Secondly, it's "marks of the wild" as there are two marks, not two wilds.
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