PaulWog's Legendary-Rank Deck: Shaman Giants

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I've worked on giant decks for every class. The two most successful classes were the warlock and the mage. When I create a deck, I usually don't attribute it to myself: I usually find there's too much that's obvious to really say it's "my deck". My druid deck is one exception: I took it to legendary with card combinations that others deemed impossible for legendary play. You can check that deck out in the druid section: It's much more legendary-heavy though.

This shaman deck I've been working on is also of legendary quality, and is also what I consider to be my own "unique" deck. What's more: You can use zero legendaries and the deck still functions well (however you should be using bloodmage thalnos, and leeroy is usually better than a 4/2 charge -- but it's still subbable).

Note that this deck is still in construction phase, and a few cards may be subbed around. Those only include loot hoarder & mind control tech at the moment (each of which might be removed for rockbiter weapon, a second lava burst, blood knight, earthen ring farseer, or alexstrasza).

2x Windfury
1x Bloodmage Thalnos
1x Flametongue Totem
1x Loot Hoarder
1x Nat Pagle
2x Novice Engineer
1x Sunfury Protector
2x Far Sight
2x Feral Spirit
2x Hex
1x Lava Burst
2x Lightning Storm
1x Mana Tide Totem
1x Mind Control Tech
2x Defender of Argus
1x Leeroy Jenkins
1x Bloodlust
2x Earth Elemental
2x Mountain Giant
2x Molten Giant

How the deck works:

The deck begins much like the mage giant deck did in its prime: Draw up and don't play any cards that don't subsequently cause another draw. Play mountain giant as soon as you can. If you have to, play value cards such as feral spirit, mind control tech, hex, lightning storm, or flametongue totem (with a totem out) early in order to defend.

Mid game, the deck often wins quickly. Use wind fury on a giant to deal 16-22 damage (depending on if you have a totem out, +1/+1 from argus, or have blood lust out). Use windfury on leeroy for 12 damage if needed. The deck outputs high amounts of damage. Don't misplay & deal a large chunk of damage only to be outplayed on your opponent's turn. Mid-late game, the deck plays a lot of control as well. It's very consistent, and has good draw power.

Once I've tweaked the deck a little bit more, I'll be taking it to legendary play.
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Very cool deck, I play tested it for a bit. I have a giant warlock deck and a giant shaman deck. I don't want to play all giants for all of my classes, but I think shaman and warlock are the most fun to play this style. The warlock's skill works beautifully with giant decks and the windfury from the shaman along with farsight makes it a very appealing to get out fatties quickly with high damage output. It's nice to have taunt creatures including stoneclaw totem to have the Nat Pagle proc behind them.

Thanks for the share.
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