Alexstrasza, Ragnaros or Cenarius?

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I currently run Sylvanas, Ysera, Illidan( for blood ties' sake lol ) as legendaries in my druid deck and is working towards crafting another one. Ragnaros is in just about every deck out there so I know what he brings, just thinking if other druids with experience with the other 2 legendaries in title can share their insights with me... It would be much appreciated!
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Rag is really versatile if you are planning on playing all sorts of things. Consider Bloodmage Thalnos if you play Druid allot, Empowered Wrath's Swipe's and Starfall's with with that card draw is really effective. I tend to run 1 Geomancer and 1 Dalaran Mage on top of Thalnos in most decks.
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go for Rag>Black Knight>Cairne ...that order ;D
Bloodmage Thalnos is indeed good but there is no chance to give 1600 dust for 1/1 ;D
Avoid unplayble 9+ (and easy pray for big game hunter)mana cards !
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I disagree about not crafting Thalnos. He's not as flashy as Ragnaros or Sylvanas, but he's useful in a LOT of decks and he's, almost, never a dead card. Nothing worse than drawing Ragnaros on the 2nd turn when against an aggro player...

Thalnos might not be the first Legendary to craft but he is, easily, in the top 5.

As for the ones you listed, I'd go with Ragnaros since you'll get the most mileage out of him. Alexstrasza is gimmicky. Cenarius is solid but since he can only be used in Druid decks, he doesn't help at all when you get that win 5 games with Priest or Paladin daily.
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