Warlock Deck Critique (Ranked Play)

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I really want to begin climbing the ladders with this Lock deck and wanted some of you guys to take a look at what I'm running and see if there are any blatant mistakes or better choices to be made with the cards I'm running. Here's the list:

1-Power Overwhelming
2-Blood Imp
2-Flame Imp
2-Worgen Infiltrator
2-Fairie Dragon
2-Knife Juggler
1-Harvest Golem
2-Shattered Sun Cleric
2-Dark Iron Dwarf
2-Def of Argus
1-Senjin SM
1-Azure Drake
2-Argent Comm

1.The Shieldmaster probably needs replaced, I think, for another Drake or something else. I have just really liked the taunt ability which allows me to go for the face for another turn maybe 2.

2. I have heard that beyond the Imps the demons aren't good at all; is this true?
3. What about adding in Hellfire? It seems pretty situational to me...
4. Beyond Sylvanas, should I be going for Rag or Jaraxxus?
Thanks alot for any help and advice!!
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For questions 1 and 3: I don't care for either the "Taz Dingo" or the Drake in this deck at a glance. You might also consider Hellfire over Shadowflame, but that's more of a "to taste" thing. Another alternative could be Shadowbolt, if you feel like you don't need the AoE and don't want to risk losing your own minions.

It can also be very good to have an Ooze, and/or a Silence, either Spellbreaker or Ironbeak Owl. Silences help with tons of things: from removing Taunt to be able so you go for Lethal to mitigating a Starving Buzzard or Acolyte of Pain you can't deal with at the time.

To answer your other questions:

2. Voidwalker is good as well (as you've no doubt noticed), in just about everything. Doomguard is quite good in aggro Pit Lord can be okay in control, provided you have enough healing (there's some debate as to how useful it can be overall, YMMV). Felguard is basically limited to decks with very limited mana curves (all 1-3 cost mostly) in being good enough, the Succubus doesn't work well in the current meta. Infernals can also be quite good in some control decks, but it's optional.

4. I don't think so. To be honest I don't think you need Sylvanas either, but that's my own personal preference. What you have here is a mostly Aggro deck, outside the Drake and Shield'Masta. Rag and Jaraxxus are slow, and you should be aiming to win (or lose) generally by the time you'd have enough mana to play them. They can help with that, but they aren't generally going to be as useful as the other cards you've already got included, even Drake and Taz Dingo.

Well, that's my thoughts.

Have fun.
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