Hello, I've been trying out a new shaman deck I built, i've won 7 out of 10 games with it. Any suggestions on what to add or get rid of?

2 Earth Shock
2 Forked Lightning
2 Lightning Bolt
1 Rockbiter Weapon
1 Acidic Swamp Ooze
1 Bloodmage Thalnos
1 Faerie Dragon
2 Flametongue Totems
2 Feral Spirits
2 Hex
1 Lava Burst
2 Lightning Storms
1 Mana Tide Totem
1 Unbound Elemental
1 Chillwind Yeti
2 Defender of Argus
1 Windspeaker
1 Earth Elemental
1 Doomhammer
1 Faceless Manipulators
2 Fire Elementals

This deck is geared towards board control with all the removal spells to make way for better late game play. Also, since I have a lot of removal spells, should I remove some of my weaker minions for stronger ones?

Note: The only other neutral legendaries I have are:
King Mukla
Leeeeeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins

All suggestions are welcome! :)