@blizz ... how to fix mages

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offer neutral counters like secrets that can counter spell damage.

swamp ooze already counters weapons
nothing neutral counters nuke spam... even the neutral heal cards are limited

the best way to nerf something (in any game) is to offer counters not to nerf directly.
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New ability for minions: Anti-Magic Shell. "The first time this minion would be affected by a spell or hero ability, ignore it"

New ability for minions: Grounding. "When your opponent casts a spell, it must target a minion with grounding"

Minions with these abilities would be smaller than average, easily run over by same-cost minions in a fight, but would force mages and other spell-focused decks to deal with them rather than mindlessly spam spells at your face or rely on cone of cold, frost nova, and blizzard spam to make play impossible.

Or we could just had a death knight hero added, that would work too.
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yup... shammies are begging for that grounding totem :D

spell reflect would own too. like hunter misdirection but for spells and neutral
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dont forget hunter have secrets too, why didnt u QQ about that when they were OP?
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