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How do I beat them? I'm rank 4/5 and getting annihilated by mages at turn 8 basically every single time. I play a control shaman deck which works great vs any other class, and I'm not sure what I could do to shift it to surviving mages...

Anyone have a shaman decklist that can beat the mage burn?
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pls show your deck
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2x Squire
2x Rockbiter
1x Axe
2x Flametongue
2x Novice
2x Sunfury
2x Feral Spirit
2x Hex
2x Lightning Storm
2x Golem
2x Mana Tide
2x Defender
1x Doomhammer
1x Bloodlust
2x Drake
1x Earth ele
2x Fire ele
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You have a lot invested in taunt which does nothing to stem mages. If you want to beat mages get cards that hero heal.
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I seem to be doing very very well against mages with the Control deck i built a few days ago.
The key is weapons and more control.
Nothing in the world is more satisfying than watching a double rockbiter doomhammer swinging twice over all my frozen totems for 16 damage.

Save your earth shocks for the stupid little gnomes that make their spells cheaper and blast their mana wyrms with some lightning bolts.
In the end, fighting mages is about giving them a dose of their own medicine.
A couple of spells in their face with a spell buff totem does the trick just fine, as long as you can support the damage with some weapons.
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actually this matchup is impossible to win if mage gets all the right cards which is quite frequent, u will never establish board presence cuz flamestrike will eat the board that you worked on so hard, every earth ele will get polymorphed/oversparked/blackknighted/big_game_huntered and his early game is also stronger (mana wyrms, frost bolts), only way to win vs mage is to play healing paladin/druid or fast aggro, shaman is neither of these things
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