Need to craft some cards for my pally deck...

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Hey all, I have around 800 dust and have decided, I'm pretty sure, that I want to invest in my pally deck some more rather than build a Lock rush deck and would like some opinions here on what should take priority. I have all the good commons/rares; I don't, however, have the 2 Pyromancer's that many say is staple for a more controlling build. Also I have heard that Sword of Justice isn't really a red hot investment so...I think it's down to three options:

1. Craft 2-Pyromancers and 1 Avenging Wrath.
2. Craft 2-Pyromancers and 1 Lay on Hands.
3. Leave the 2 Pyro's out for now and craft 1 Wrath and 1 LoH.

In general, what do you guys feel is the most sound investment?
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1x Wrath is a must imho. The other one is your choice, depending on your deck. Dont dismiss a second wrath :)
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the pyro + equality is really strong, and considering how u already have heal from like GoK i would say get wrath for removal/nuking and the pyros

or save up for Tirion, ur halfway there :D
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I crafted my Sword of Justice before LoH or Wrath and I don't regret it. That thing can create some amazing early combo's, using Redemption and Harvest Golems/Violet Teacher. Also good for your Acolyte. I used to save it mid game but I have noticed less Ooze around rank 14-15 so I started playing it turn 3 and it hasn't been oozed yet.
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LoH is a great investment. I run one paired with Tirion to round out my deck at 30 cards. I usually play it more for the draw three cards rather than the heal. I'd defiantly go with that. Wrath or Pyromancers thats really your call.

I will say this if you don't have Aldor Peacekeepers I'd highly suggest them even over pyromancers.
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