My Murloc Mage - anti anti Murloc Deck.

I decided to trade heavy board clear for "fast clear" early game
once I manage to have a board: protect it with counterspell
(as vital for this deck as iceblock for pyro decks).

Pro's and Con's:

It clearly lacks the speed of Warlock with Summoning Portal and Lifetap.
But it trades for a lot of board control and security.

The Value of Counterspell for this deck could be a potential 10:1
(Hellfire, Consecration, Flamestrike etc..vs. full board).

Counterspell can be countered as well but if you do not have the option
to fake spell then you simply don't have it and most people fire at sight
anything they have to clear the board from every potential murloc so if
you manage to dodge 1 hard bullet out of 2 it's a major win.

Especially simple to use counterspell against explosive trap, since you
can trigger it on your own.

I don't know what you guys think of it, please rate and share idea's to work
on it, I simply want a murloc deck that has some sort of protection.


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