Can't seem to win but I know my deck is solid

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So I have a few versions of warlock decks, one is more aggro, one is basically the exact same as Curi's warlock deck, but the one I have been playing tonight is as follows:

I know that this is a tried and true deck, but in the last 6 games I have gone 1 win, 5 losses. I just can't seem to beat any warrior, shaman, even classes that I feel are weak just beat me in card draw and board control.

I have watched maaany players play similar decks and I believe that my play is solid, it seems like unlucky card draw but that can not explain every loss.

Any general tips? PS im using alex simply because i do not own jaraxxus.
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The deck looks pretty solid. Almost like mine. But I don't see profit in alex, neither in Jaraxxus.
In the time you could play anyone of these 2 you altready won or lost the game.
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Really the issue will almost certainly be your play and not the deck.

That said, you have a few cards that are really not great:
Alexstrasza - not a substitute for Jaraxxus, and Jaraxxus sucks anyway.
Faerie Dragons - maybe during the mage Meta, why now?
Shadowflame - too slow against the decks it would be useful against
Demonfire - horrible value no matter how you use it

Maybe instead:
Leper Gnomex2
Young Priestessx2
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Thanks for the advice so far guys, I think I am going to see how this plays out while replacing Alexstrasaza with Leeroy Jenkins, and replacing the faeries with leper gnomes or loot hoarders.
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The deck seems too slow to really rush, and lacking any real kill moves. I'm seeing a lot of weak creatures and a lot of buff creatures. So basically you end up with a lot of buffed weak creatures, which is good for getting momentum but too vulnerable to carry you through the mid-game.

Knife Juggler is ok, but not great as you probably won't be dropping 2 creatures per round much during the following rounds. Power Overwhelming makes no sense to me. And I question having 5 1-2 cost "fighting" minions. Either you need to keep those in and speed up the deck (by dropping alot of your 3+ cards), or you need to get rid of some of them and put in some stronger mid-game.
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Get rid of Power Overwhelming, Shadowflame, and Alex. Add Leper Gnome x2 and Leeroy Jenkins (if you have him). Dark iron dwarf is optional and it might be better to go for another two drop instead. Dire Wolf Alpha and Loot Hoarder are both good options.
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